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National Motorcycle Ride Day Second Saturday in October


The Registrar of National Day Calendar has designated the second Saturday in October of each year as National Motorcycle Ride Day. This day is designated to get all motorcyclists in the USA and the world out and on their motorcycles for a united day of riding.

The month of October is significant not only because this is toward the end of the riding season for a lot of motorcyclists in the USA, but it is also the month that John B. Dunlop developed the first practical pneumatic tire in 1887. Without this development in tire technology motorcycles would not perform as they do or be as enjoyable as they are today. That being said, this day is also dedicated to John B. Dunlop and his invention of the first practical pneumatic tire.

Use this day to escape on your motorcycle, have some fun, relieve some stress and really enjoy the thrills and freedom that riding a motorcycle offers. This is a day for riders of all motorcycle disciplines. No matter what type of motorcycle you own or what type of rider you are, use this day to enjoy the camaraderie that comes along with owning a motorcycle. If you own a motorcycle, you will understand what this day is about.

National Motorcycle Ride Day is not only designed to celebrate and promote motorcycle riding but also encourage motorcyclists to support the motorcycle industry. Show your support by not only going for a ride but by also visiting your local motorcycle dealer. Supporting your local dealer and other businesses while you are out on your ride will help spur growth in your local economy.


Go for a ride with a friend and enjoy the fall weather. While you are out on your ride or at your local dealer take a picture and post on social media using #NationalMotorcycleRideDay and @nationalmotorcyclerideday


National Motorcycle Ride Day was submitted in August 2015 by Chad Geer of Dunlop Tire N.A. The Registrar at National Day Calendar® declared National Motorcycle Ride Day to be celebrated annually on the second Saturday in October.

MEDIA CONTACT: info@nationalmotorcyclerideday

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