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On April 30th, National Military Brats Day during the Month of the Military Child honors the children of military personnel.

About 1 in 25 Americans is a Military Brat. Since the Department of Defense did not keep precise records of military personnel’s children, no one knows the exact number. None the less, those children make up a cultural group whose members live in all 50 states, in most American Territories and numerable foreign countries. While they choose varied careers and interests, they also share a common culture.

Once a nomadic band who struggled to stay in touch, Military Brats are leveraging Social Media to pick up and reconnect the disjointed pieces of their childhood. Unlike most children who shared the same classmates K-12, Brats often attend 4, 6, even 10 – 12 different schools. They seldom stay in the same place for more than a year or two. Many whose childhood homes were on military installations aren’t allowed to “go home again” unless they join the services as adults.

Through significant sites such as the Military Brats Registry, Operation Foot Locker, American Overseas Schools Historical Society, and others, Brats are finding lost friends. They are sharing stories and experiences. Brats are also organizing around causes important to them.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalMilitaryBratsDay

National Military Brats Day offers us an opportunity to celebrate children in the military. The day includes those whose parents are currently serving and veterans, too. When considering the sacrifices of military personnel, include the youngest military members, their children. Brats, reconnect with friends you made during your parents’ service. Share your experiences and stories.

You can also participate by writing the folks in Congress and asking them to support National Military Brats Day on April 30th. Visit Military Brats, Inc to learn more.

Use #NationalMilitaryBratsDay to share on social media.


Military Brats, Inc. founded National Military Brats Day in 2016 to pay tribute to the sacrifices Military Brats everywhere make.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the first National Military Brats Day to be observed on April 30, 2016, and every year thereafter.

April 30th Celebrated (and Not So Celebrated) History


The United States first president took his oath of office. George Washington’s inauguration took place at Federal Hall in New York City.


France and the United States agree to the terms of the Louisana Purchase. The two countries will sign the treaty two days later.


English physicist J.J. Thomson announced at the Royal Institution the discovery of the electron. His discovery of the particle thousands of times smaller than an atom led to a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1906.


The animated short film Porky’s Hare Hunt introduced Happy Rabbit, the comical and wascally wabbit we know as Bugs Bunny today.

April 30th Celebrated (and Not So Celebrated) Birthdays

Julian Abele – 1881

You may recognize the American architect’s contributions if you frequent places like the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Duke University, and Harvard’s Widener Library.

Gerda Lerner – 1920

After teaching history at Sarah Lawrence in 1972, Lerner established the first graduate program in women’s history. She continued pioneering the study of women’s histories, serving as president of the Organization of American Historians, and developed programs at other universities.

Bobby Vee – 1943

The Sixties teen idol led the group Bobby Vee and the Shadows when they signed with Liberty Records in 1959. He produced 7 Gold Records and numerous hits during his career, including “Take Good Care of My Baby” and “Rubber Ball.”

Isiah Thomas – 1961

The 2-time All-Star American point guard played 13 years in the National Basketball Association. During his career, Thomas set several Piston’s records, including scoring, assists, and steals. In 2000, he was elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

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