NATIONAL METRIC WEEK – Week of October 10th

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


The week of October 10th recognizes National Metric Week. Ideally situated during the 10th month during the week containing the 10th day, the week focuses on the metric system. Mathematics curriculums in the United States review the metric system. However, Americans have been resistant to using it.

Despite that, the smaller measure of unit based on 10 – decimeter, centimeter, kilograms, liters, Celsius, and so on – can be found all around us. Engines and liquids are measured using the metric system. The metric system is a more accurate unit of measure, as well.

Even though U.S. roads and cars continue to measure speed and distance by Miles Per Hour, mechanics live and work by the metric system. Their tools precisely fit the metric system. They check and fill the engine’s fluids by the metric system, too.

In the medical world, physicians, pharmacists, and researchers measure medications, blood, incisions, and, well, nearly everything in metric. When accuracy matters, professionals rely on the metric system.

The metric system is easier to calculate than the English system, too. It’s broken down into 10ths.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalMetricWeek

Practice converting metric units. While driving, measure your speed in kilometers.

While instructors are encouraged not to teach conversion from the Imperial (English) system to the metric systems, many still cook using cups, ounces, and teaspoons. For us to follow a recipe, we need to know how to convert a method. Many websites offer conversion tools.

It’s important to understand that weight is the most accurate way to measure ingredients. The best conversions of a recipe will be done so by weight, not volume.

Convert Grandma’s recipes from English units to metric units and get baking with your kids.

Practice measuring distance, length, volume and temperature using the metric system.

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In 1977, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics declared the week of May 9-13 as National Metric Week. Then in 1983, the council moved the observance to the week of October 10th to drive home the usefulness of the metric system.


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