National Methamphetamine Awareness Day - November 30
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)

National Methamphetamine Awareness Day - November 30


As part of a nationwide effort, November 30th has been declared National Methamphetamine Awareness Day. The day aims to educate the American public about the effects of methamphetamine abuse on families and communities. As part of the initiative, it is hoped to increase awareness and decrease demand for the highly-addictive drug.

A national survey found one out of six young adults has used illicit drugs in the last month. Brain scientists now know why just one use of crystal meth (methamphetamine) can make a person feel hooked.

The awareness day is an effort to send a prevention message to potential meth users. It also gets the message out about available programs to current users. In some parts of the country, meth use is increasing while in others it continues to rise. 

Part of the reason meth is so addictive is it increases the amount of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine occurs naturally in our brains. It affects our body’s reward centers as well as our movement, motivation, and reinforcement. It’s the impact on this area of the brain that makes methamphetamine so addictive.

Beyond the short-term effects of alertness, increased physical activity, reduced or no appetite, rapid heart rate and increased blood pressure, continued use of methamphetamine has long-term health effects.

  • risk of diseases transmitted through needles
  • addiction
  • extreme weight loss
  • dental problems including tooth loss and gum disease
  • sleeping disorders
  • memory loss
  • anxiety
  • skin issues
  • hallucinations
  • paranoia

However, there is help. Visit SAMSA to learn about the referral program. It’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The page is full of resources for adults, teens, and family members. There, you can find support for yourself and others who may be facing addiction. There is a way out and a life after addiction. 

HOW TO OBSERVE #MethAwarenessDay

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, visit one of the links on this page to find support. Whether you’re a friend or family member, there’s a program to help.  Find more information at Drug Facts. Use #MethAwarenessDay to post on social media.


In a proclamation signed by President George W. Bush in 2006, November 30th was set forth as National Meth Awareness Day. The observance serves two purposes. First, it aims to reach potential users with prevention methods. Second, the day increases awareness of programs and services available to current users.

Meth FAQ

Q. Can a user overdose on meth?
A. Yes. According to the CDC, all drug overdose deaths are on the increase, including those from meth.

Q. What can I do to prevent an overdose?
A. If you or someone you know is using an opioid like meth, one of the first things you can do is speak to a physician to ask for help. You can also:

  • Learn the signs of addiction.
  • Learn about and how to administer naloxone.
  • Understand recovery is possible. Find resources near you that offer treatment and encourage the user to seek treatment.
  • Share the observance on social media.


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