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National Menudo Month - January


During the month of January, learn a new culinary tradition with National Menudo Month!

Menudo is a traditional soup made with beef tripe and hominy, a favorite at Mexican family gatherings and special celebrations.

The secret to delicious menudo is quality ingredients, and the time it takes to prepare it – in order to be soft and tender, tripe needs to be cooked for up to 10 hours! That’s why menudo is the perfect dish for bringing generations together and for passing down traditions.


Pass on those Mexican culinary traditions. Now through the end of January 2018, make a delicious kettle of menudo and use #NationalMenudoMonth to share on social media and to be a part of the inaugural year of National Menudo Month!

On Sunday, January 28, 2018, help Juanita’s Foods and The International Culinary Schools at The Art Institutes® make history while attempting a new Guinness World Record® for the Largest Menudo Soup! Join the festivities by following JuanitasFoods on social media and, if you’re in Southern California, make your way to Juanita’s in Wilmington, California and get your fill of free menudo. Check Juanita’s website for event details starting early January.

Pass on those Mexican culinary traditions. Make a delicious kettle of Menudo and use #NationalMenudoMonth to share on social media.


Juanita’s Foods founded National Menudo Month in recognition of the hard work that goes into menudo making and the importance of passing Mexican culinary traditions from one generation to another.

About Juanita’s
Juanita’s has been making authentic Mexican menudo since 1950– turning every day into a good occasion to enjoy a traditional bowl of menudo with family and friends.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Menudo Month to be observed annually beginning in 2018.

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