National Mango Day | July 22
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)


Sweet, fragrant, and juicy mangoes add an abundance of flavor to beverages and meals. That’s why on July 22nd, National Mango Day recognizes all the nutritious variety this tropical fruit brings to the table!


Originating in Bangladesh and parts of Myanmar and India, hundreds of varieties of mangoes grow around the world today.

  • Ataulfo – Also known as the Honey mango, the Ataulfo is considered the Cadillac of the fruit. With a small seed and firm, sweet flesh, the Ataulfo doesn’t become fibrous and stringy like other varieties.
  • Haden – This popular mango variety was one of the first originated in Florida. It produces large fruits with a sweet and aromatic pine scent. With only thin fibers, it doesn’t become stringy and is one of the most popular varieties.
  • Irwin – Developed from the Haden, this mild mango is fiberless and is popular for home growers.
  • Tommy Atkins – While this mango is tart and sweet, it is one of the stringiest mangoes on the market.

The type of mango will help determine where to use it. Sweet, buttery mangoes make for great eating. They also taste great in salads, develop flavor in marinades and add a pop of sweetness to spicy salsas. Drop more fibrous mangoes into the blender for a refreshing smoothie.

Mangoes also pack in the nutrients. Did you know that one mango contains almost two and a half times more vitamin C than an orange? Mangoes are also high in vitamins A, B-6 and K, antioxidants, potassium and dietary fiber.


On National Mango Day, explore your produce section and discover the kinds of mangoes they offer. Celebrate the day by tasting and sampling new recipes. How about trying these ideas, too!

  • Order a mango-inspired dish at a local restaurant.
  • Try this Kiwi Mango Parfait.
  • Highlight a dish with mango.
  • Purchase different varieties of mangoes and have a mango tasting.
  • Share your favorite mango recipes.
  • If you live in a region where mangoes grow, plant a mango tree.

What a versatile fruit! How many ways will you celebrate with mangoes? While you enjoy, Share your mango celebration using #NationalMangoDay on social media.


National Mango Day on July 22nd originated in India but in the United States, the National Mango Board began promoting the day, too.


July 22nd Celebrated History


Inspired by the view from atop Pikes Peak, American author and professor Katharine Lee Bates writes the lyrics to “America the Beautiful.”


After 19 months of pursuit, federal agent Melvin Purvis and his team meet gangster and bank robber, John Dillinger outside the Biograph Theater. The resulting shootout between the agents and Dillinger ended in the gangster’s death.


Australian pilot Dick Smith completed the first solo circumnavigation of the Earth. He took his time, though. He departed on August 5, 1982, in his Bell Jetranger III from Bell Helicopter Hurst Heliport in Hurst, Texas. Fifty years before, Wiley Post became the first person to fly solo around the world when he landed his Lockheed Vega named Winnie May when he landed at Floyd Bennet Field in New York. His flight took just under 8 days to complete.


Though never released in U.S. theatres, the action movie Captain America starring Matt Salinger, Ronny Cox and Ned Beatty is released to video.

July 22nd Celebrated Birthdays

Ruthie Tompson – 1910

The American animator and artist worked nearly 40 years with the Walt Disney Company. Some of the animated films she worked on include Mary Poppins, Robin Hood, and Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too. In 2010, she became one of America’s supercentenarians.

Pancho Barnes – 1922

Not only was Pancho Barnes an aviation pioneer, but she also paved the way for stuntwomen in Hollywood. She also built her own airstrip and training program.

Dorcas Reilly – 1926

When you’re preparing your Thanksgiving meal, raise a toast to Dorcas Reilly. During her time working for Campbell’s Test Kitchen, she created the green bean casserole, a staple of an American Thanksgiving feast.

Alex Trebek – 1940

The popular Canadian American game show host is best known for hosting the game show Jeopardy! He hosted the show for 37 seasons.

John Leguizamo – 1964

The American actor is known for both his serious and comedic roles. His filmography includes John Wick, William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the Ice Age animated franchise and many more.


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