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National Make A Dog’s Day on October 22 is a Subaru holiday that invites dog-lovers everywhere to go the extra mile for their pup.


Today is a reminder to animal lovers everywhere to adopt a pet instead of buying a new one. In fact, we encourage everyone to visit a shelter to see why adopting a four-legged friend will make the world a better place.

“Make A Dog’s Day began as a way for Subaru to say thank you to the pets who support us, love us and make our world a better place.” Alan Bethke, Senior Vice President, Marketing of Subaru of America, Inc.

Why should I adopt a pet? Approximately 3.1 million dogs enter shelters in the United States annually, many being relinquished by their owners. Worse still, approximately 15% of the animals that enter shelters are euthanized. While numbers continue to decline, the need for adoption continues to be overwhelming. One sure way to make a dog’s day is giving them a new, loving home through adoption. When you adopt a pet, you are:

  • Saving a life.
  • Stopping animal cruelty in breeding facilities.
  • Saving money for spaying, neutering, vaccination and sometimes microchipping.
  • Choosing from a large selection of dog breed who are normally house-trained.
  • Adopting a dog who has received excellent care in the shelter, which means they are healthy.

If A Dog Could Talk

Adoption is just one way to make a dog’s day. If your favorite canine companion could talk, they might tell us going for an extra-long walk would make their day. When was the last time you visited the dog park? Of course, a new chew toy might top their list. Sometimes, they just want to play. Throw the ball already! Another thing that tops the list of fur babies everywhere – don’t stop scratching that itch.

How do I care for my newly adopted dog? When you adopt a dog from a shelter, the amazing staff guide you in caring for your new furry companion. Keeping your dog healthy is an act of unspoken love between you and your pup. Normally, a shelter will provide services before you leave. However, if they haven’t, you should:

  • Schedule regular check-ups for your dog with your veterinarian. Choose a schedule that fits you and your new animal friend.
  • Vaccinate your dog according to what they need. Your veterinarian will make the correct recommendations to help you decide important vaccinations.
  • Spay or neuter your pet. Beyond the health benefits, unplanned puppies cause the population in shelters to increase.


  • Visit a shelter, find your loyal canine companion, and make a dog’s day through adoption!
  • Volunteer at a shelter by taking a dog for a walk or bringing them a new chew toy.
  • Donate new blankets, treats, or other supplies to a shelter. You can check your local shelter needs by visiting their website or simply making a call.
  • Stop by a participating Subaru retailer during the month of October and donate new pet supplies, which the automaker will be collecting throughout the month of October. Check your local Subaru retailers to join the effort.
  • If you’re already the owner of a beloved dog, take the extra time to make your dog’s day. Repay that unconditional love with creative tokens of dog-gone appreciation.
  • Shelters: make sure to share your adoption events by posting your stories and photos using the hashtag #MakeADogsDay on social media.
  • Subaru invites dog owners to do something special for the furry friends in their lives and share on social media using #MakeADogsDay. For those who are yet to be pet parents, Subaru invites Americans to consider adopting a shelter pet or “Underdog.”


Subaru Make a Dog's Day logo

In 2019, Subaru founded National Make A Dog’s Day to raise awareness for pet adoption. With the help of National Day Calendar, they set out to show the world just how good it feels to make a dog’s day.

2022 is the fourth annual National Make A Dog’s Day. Since its launch, #MakeADogsDay has reached 68 million people and helped find homes for nearly 60,000 dogs.

 “Year after year, we’ve been proud to help raise awareness for pet adoption by showing the world how they can make a dog’s day and feel great doing it.” Alan Bethke, Senior Vice President, Marketing of Subaru of America, Inc.

Subaru has a long history of supporting pets in need. In fact, since 2008 through the Subaru Loves Pets™ initiative, Subaru has donated more than $42 million to national and local organizations to support the rescue, transport, and adoption of nearly 350,000 pets.

As part of Subaru Loves Pets month in October and the automaker’s lifetime commitment to loving pets, they have created another way to make a difference. With a love for pets and caring for animals everywhere being a vital pillar of the Subaru Love Promise, the automaker has continually givien back to the canine friends that deserve it most.

According to Alan Bethke, Subaru advocates for adopting from pet organizations year-round. However, October is particularly special for Subaru. They devote the entire month to uniting pets across the country with the loving homes they deserve. Furthermore, Bethke says “Our Subaru community is incredibly passionate about animal welfare, and together with our retailers, we’re proud to help make the world a better place for pets everywhere.

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