National Macadamia Nut Day on September 4th recognizes a delicious nut found in many baked goods and desserts.

Delectable macadamia nuts have a creamy buttery taste. These nuts add a subtle richness to everything they grace. Also versatile, macadamia nuts originated in Australia. They were named for the physician and chemist, John Macadam, who discovered them. Macadam also pursued furthering the cultivation of the tree in Australia, making it more abundant.  

Similar to large evergreens, the macadamia tree grows between 30 and 40 feet high. Although they are native to Australia, most of today’s world supply grows in Hawaii. Growers first began cultivating macadamia trees in Hawaii in 1921. Indonesia, South Africa, and California also grow this delicious nut commercially. 

When is National Peanut Day?

Like many nuts, macadamia may be eaten raw or roasted. Bakers particularly like to use them in baked goods, such as cookies. They pair exceptionally well with chocolate, too.

Since the macadamia is nutrient-rich, they are known for their health benefits. But, of course, being in the nut family has its benefits, too! Macadamias are a valuable energy source, high in dietary fiber, gluten-free, high in mono-unsaturated fat. They also provide an excellent source of minerals and contain many essential B-complex vitamins. 

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalMacadamiaNutDay

Whether you seek a healthy snack or satisfaction for a sweet tooth, this nut has you covered. Try a new recipe. Grab a handful of macadamia nuts for a snack at your desk or bake them into a batch of cookies. Add some to your salad or mix them in with popcorn while watching a movie. You can also:

  • Visit your local bakery and discover new ways to enjoy macadamia nuts.
  • Add a little macadamia flavor to your coffee with creamer or syrup.
  • Take a picture of your creations and share them on social media.
  • Invite a friend to join your celebration.

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Macadamia Nut FAQ

Q. How many calories are in macadamia nuts?
A. One ounce of macadamia nuts contains 204 calories, topping the list of popular nuts listed below. While the macadamia nut is at the higher end of the nutty calorie spectrum, they still contain valuable nutrients.

Pecans – 196
Brazil nuts – 186
Walnuts – 185
Hazelnuts – 178
Almonds – 164
Peanuts – 161
Pistachios – 159
Cashews – 157

Q. Do macadamia nuts make a good nut butter?
A. Yes! Macadamia nut butter is also full of the good fats (monounsaturated) that our bodies need.

Q. Can I grow a macadamia tree?
A. Macadamias are grown in Florida, California, and Hawaii. They love warm climates with no frost. So if you live in a place like that, yes, you can grow a macadamia tree.