National Love People Day | September 30
(Last Updated On: February 2, 2023)


On September 30, National Love People Day asks us to lift others up through the profound power of unconditional love.


The human condition is a limiting and varying thing. How and when and where we get to use it is vaguely and oddly defined. What is certain is a rollercoaster-filled life of celebrations and trials. National Love People Day tasks us to understand that unconditional love requires a dedication most human beings aren’t given. But, when we wholeheartedly love our neighbors with steadfast devotion, the world is a better place. It is the practical application of “love your neighbor as yourself.”

The word “unconditional” on its own is quite profound. Look at its synonyms: wholehearted, unqualified, unreserved, unlimited, unrestricted, unmitigated, unquestioning, complete, total, entire, full, absolute, unequivocal. Those words are dedicated, solid, and unwavering from their commitment to something. There are no boundaries or limitations with the word “unconditional.”

Add the word love, and the power of the phrase multiplies. So, on National Love People Day, offer kindness and care to the people in your community.


From a gentle word to the gift of needed resources, love provides all forms of support to the people in your community. Find ways to show unconditional love for your neighbors, colleagues, strangers, and your community. 

  • Volunteer – When you volunteer in your community, you do several things. You keep resources and dollars local. Your efforts help those in your immediate surroundings, lifting them up as you do. You also help create resources that demonstrate your love and that of your community. 
  • Share – Whether you share your bounty or praise others’ contributions to their community, you share a message of love and support for your fellow human beings. 
  • Give – Giving to others is an act of love. You may not have much to give, but sometimes people don’t need much more than companionship, information, advice, encouragement, or a hug. And all of those are free for the giving. 

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Lifeline Church, out of Chicago, Illinois, founded National Love People Day in 2017 to inspire the spirit of unconditional love as a national event to bring us all together. The day also honors the church’s founders, Pastors Reggividese and London Royal.  Through the church, they have shown the Chicagoland area unconditional and unmerited love for more than ten years. The pair strongly believes that loving God means loving yourself and other people from all walks of life regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. The Royals have brought their vision to life with strategic acts of kindness through the church’s mission to show this love.

Reach Up, Reach In, and Reach Out:
  • Give Love On Christmas Day– partnered with Warren Park Elementary School to provide Food, Clothing, and Christmas Gift to a family of six. 
  • Car Giveaway – Provided a single mother with a fully-paid SUV.
  • Extreme Makeover (Home Edition) – collaborated with independent contractors to remodel a home, inside and out, for a volunteer worker in the church. 
  • Love In Action – members went to the pride parade to show love by giving away free hugs and bottled water.
  • Health & Fitness Weekend – partnered with the Loyola Ronald McDonald Pediatric Mobile Unit and the National Kidney Foundation to provide FREE exams to those in the community.
  • Gas Giveaway – Gave away $5,000.00 of FREE Gas to residents in the community.
  • Mi Gracia Fest & Cicero Clean Up Day – Past participant of the Town of Cicero events.
  • Town of Cicero – Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration – Has been the keynote speaker for this event on multiple occasions.
  • Share The Warmth Coat Drive – Donated Winter Coats & Accessories to students at Goodwin Elementary School. 

For more information and updates about National Love People Day, visit our website:


The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Love People Day to be observed annually on September 30.


September 30th Celebrated History


The Gordon Bennet cup hosted the first international balloon race. With 16 balloons competing and representing 7 countries, they launched from Paris, France. The winners were Americans Lt. Frank P. Lahm and his co-pilot Major Hersey when they landed their balloon named “United States” in Flying-Dales, Yorkshire County, England. They completed the race in 22 hours and 15 minutes.


Babe Ruth becomes the first baseball player in history to hit 60 home runs in a single season. The Yankees went head to head with the Washington Senators in their final game of the season. In the bottom of the 8th inning, the Bambino launched the pitch from Tom Zachary into the right-field stands at Yankee Stadium. The homer broke the 2-2 bringing in two runs. The final score was 4-2.


President Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicates Boulder Dam. It would later be renamed Hoover Dam for contributions provided by Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover.


The 1947 World Series was full of many firsts. It was the first televised World Series. It was also the first with a black player on the line up – Jackie Robinson. The series brought in a whopping $2,000,000, the first series to do so. However, one thing that was definitely not a first – The Yankees won the series in 7 games – their 11th World Series win.


Fred Morrison is granted patent No. 183,626 for a flying toy that would go by various names, including Pluto Platter and Flyin Saucer. Wham-O company began selling the disc in 1956. They eventually settled on the name Frisbee.


The National Farm Workers Association held its founding convention. The organization was founded by Cesar Chavez.


After 29 days pilot Ross Perot Jr. and co-pilot Jay Coburn complete the first circumnavigation of the globe by helicopter. They took off on September 1st in the Spirit of Texas and crossed 26 countries to complete the feat.


During the Jump For The Cause charity event, 151 women skydivers set the record for the largest number of women in a free-fall formation. The event took place over Perris Valley, CA.

September 30th Celebrated Birthdays

Ann Marie Reeves Jarvis – 1832

The American social activist inspired her daughter Anna Jarvis to organize the campaign for Mother’s Day. Fulfilling her mother’s wish, Anna Jarvis established Mother’s Day in the United States.

Thelma Terry – 1901

Born Thelma Combes, the talented jazz bassist and bandleader began her career in 1919 as the first chair in the Chicago Women’s Symphony Orchestra.

William Wrigley, Jr. – 1861

In 1891, the traveling salesman launched the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company to sell his own brand of gum.

Nora Stanton Blatch Barney – 1883

As the first woman in the United States to receive a degree in civil engineering, Stanton worked for Lee De Forest, Radley Steel Construction Company, and the New York Public Service Commission. In 1905 she became the first woman junior member of the American Society of Civil Engineers. However, after nearly twelve years as a junior member, Stanton filed for associate membership. The organization refused her request.

Irving Kahn – 1917

At the time of his death in 2015, Kahn was the oldest living active investor. The respected and successful investor brought value investing into the mainstream.

Truman Capote – 1924

The southern novelist and playwright earned a name for his novel In Cold Blood which retraced the re-life Kansas murders of four members of the Clutter family. He is also known for the novella Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Both novels were made into films.

Gertrude Dunn – 1933

The multi-talented athlete played shortstop for four seasons in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. Following the league’s disbandment, she toured across the country playing in exhibition games with other featured players. She also played and coached field hockey. In 1984 she was named to the USA Field Hockey Hall of Fame.

Johnny Mathis – 1935

The pop crooner is best known for songs such as “Chances Are,” “Misty,” and “Wonderful, Wonderful.”

Eric Stoltz – 1961

The actor rose to fame during the 1980s. In his breakthrough role, he played Rocky Dennis in Mask alongside Cher and Sam Elliot. Fun fact, he was the original actor cast in the role of Marty McFly in the film Back to the Future.

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