National Live Creative Day | September 14
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)



On September 14th, National Live Creative Day encourages us to let the world see our creativity all day long!


To Live Creative allows for the exploration of imagination.  Celebrate the day by taking the time to invent, discover, and dream. Try infusing creativity in our lives through a variety of media. Whether it’s by painting or graphic art to music and gardening, art has an impact on our lives. By expressing our passions and living creative lives, we experience the world.

Stepping into the Live Creative world includes a tremendous sense of freedom. Rules tend to fall away when we unleash our imagination. Of course, authors and artists have long suspended reality in support of their work, to the satisfaction of their vision. They live creatively.

We don’t have to be a master sculptors to Live Creative. Blending a dash of creativity into moments of our everyday life can have a powerful effect. Simply being exposed to the arts inspires ideas at home and in the workplace. Renewing a hobby reduces stress just by being purely enjoyable. Teaching someone else the craft nurtures personal expression and offers an opportunity to see the world through another’s eyes.


Challenge yourself to start your own Live Creative initiative. Offer classes to share your skill. Take a class to learn a new one. Teach a child how to carve, paint, or sing. Pick up a craft that once inspired you. Share your passion and post on social media using #LiveCreativeDay.


Creative Promotional Products submitted National Live Creative Day in April of 2016 to promote creative lifestyles that change the world through creativity.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar declared it will be observed annually on September 14th.

Creative Promotional Products was founded in 1994 and started an initiative called Live Creative. They are a creative company with creative employees, and they want their lives to show that Creativity – they want everyone to show their creativity. Their tagline is Live Creative – This is the year you can change your world!

Creative FAQ

Q. Can anyone be creative?
A. Yes, anyone can be creative in their own way. Some people put forth more effort into their creativity than others do, but that doesn’t mean only certain people have the potential. Creativity also comes in many forms. It doesn’t always involve paint, color, or storytelling, but it can. Anyone with an interest can be creative. Their ideas develop businesses, ways to organize a home, improve designs, advance technology and so much more!

Q. Why is being creative important?
A. Being creative is more than making new things and designs. It’s about problem-solving, learning new perspectives, and adapting old ideas into new ones. Creativity benefits the world with beauty, innovation and solutions.


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