National Legwear Day | September 22
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)


National Legwear Day on September 22nd coincides perfectly with the beautiful changing leaves. The air is getting cooler, and fashion magazines are covering the best of fall style.


Legwear offers some of the most important ways to express personal style. From sheers and tights to leggings and anklets, even men’s, women’s, and kids’ socks complete a look. No wonder the garment needed its own holiday.

The Queen of England was presented with her first pair of stockings in 1598. Now, women choose from numerous types of legwear. Their options include opaque, brightly colored tights, textured anklets, and foundation finishes depending on the occasion. In addition, sheer hose offers a more subtle approach in shades for all skin colors and tones.

Men’s socks have evolved, too. From the basics to offerings with statement-making graphics and colors, the men step out colorfully or stately. As ties fade from the workplace, socks function as an expression of style, too. And kids continue to enjoy fun characters and prints, along with a rainbow of colors, in their legwear.

Legwear offers everyone comfort, quality, and value. And whether on Main Street or the runways of Milan Fashion Week, everyone turns to legwear to put a kick in their step, complete a look and add individual style to any outfit.


On National Legwear Day, let your legs do the talking. Show off some bold leggings. We even have a few suggestions:

  • Sophisticated monochromatic textured pair of tights
  • The newest lace anklets
  • A pair of graphic socks that can’t go unnoticed
  • Use patterns, colors, textures, or sheers to add pop to any outfit.

Boost your confidence on September 22nd with legwear and highlight your fashion flair.

And to celebrate, be sure to show a little leg by posting your favorite look on social media using #NationalLegwearDay and #MyStyleKick!


As the leading global legwear manufacturer, HanesBrands founded National Legwear Day to encourage everyone to express their styles with sheers, tights, leggings, anklets, and men’s, women’s, and kids’ socks. Consumers wear legwear each week to enhance their outfits and can use it to make any occasion an opportunity for personal expression. So, of course, legwear deserved a day to be celebrated!


HanesBrands portfolio of legwear brands includes Hanes, Champion, L’eggs, Just My Size, Maidenform, Donna Karan, DKNY, DIM, Nur Die, Nur Der, RazzaMatazz, voodoo, Lovable, Kayser, Sheer Relief, Chesterfield, Zorba, Bonds, Explorer, and Rio.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Legwear Day to be observed on September 22, annually, beginning in 2017.

Legwear FAQ

Q. Are there other legwear days on the calendar?
A. Can you say socks? Yes, there are several legwear days on the calendar. National Nylon Stocking Day and National Sock Day are two of them.

Q. When were nylon stockings first made?
A. A DuPont chemist named Wallace Carothers, under the direction of Elmer K. Bolton, developed nylon (among other developments) while working at the DuPont. Sadly, Carothers died by suicide before DuPont set nylon on a commercial path. Two years later, in 1939, nylon production began bringing a whole new era to legwear.



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