NATIONAL LAZY MOM’S DAY – First Friday in September

National Lazy Mom’s Day | First Friday in September
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)


During the first Friday in September, National Lazy Mom’s Day delegates everyday mom jobs to someone else.


Busy moms know that the work of being a parent is never done. However, occasionally parents need to recharge. The laundry and the dishes will be there later. When possible, finding someone to watch the children for a few hours is worth it. Sometimes all a mom needs is a nap. Other times, mothers (and fathers too) seek adult conversation.

Even though moms around the country view this day in different ways, the majority see it as a day for moms to take a break. While the occasion holds no shine to Mother’s Day, may we suggest some cooperation with Mom? Allow her to take a break. Divide the chores. Place a moratorium on family feuds. That’s how most celebrate this National Day.


You don’t have to celebrate like most moms do, however. Maybe it is a hammock and book kind of day for your lazy afternoon. Help mom celebrate this holiday by cleaning up after yourself. Rub her feet. Walk the dog. Mow the lawn. Put the dishes away. Pick up your dirty clothes. The list goes on.

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We were unable to identify the creator of National Lazy Mom’s Day.

Lazy FAQ

Q. Is the word “lazy” a negative term.
A. No, it doesn’t have to be. The phrase “lazy river” conjures up images of a relaxing, peaceful and slow-moving body of water. Some extremely smart and successful people were thought to be lazy as well. Ben Franklin, Albert Einstein and a few other inventive and brilliant people were considered lazy. While we busy people were running about getting things done, they were inventing ways to be more efficient or developing theories about the universe.

Q. What other words describe laziness but sound positive?
A. A person may look lazy when in fact they are calm, at ease, relaxed, thoughtful, do things effortlessly, serene, at peace, tranquil, content, quiet, comfortable, cozy.

Q. What other lazy days are on the calendar?
A. National Lazy Day is in August.

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