National Lash Day | February 19
(Last Updated On: February 15, 2023)


National Lash Day on February 19th each year promotes the love and need for true and false eyelashes. The day offers an opportunity to explore the benefits and fashion of lashes. 


Eyelashes are a staple item to every makeup look and beauty enthusiast. Lashes have always been known to make your eyes pop and stand out from the crowd. As important as how they make us look, they also help keep dirt or substances from entering the eye and aid in preventing infections. Another important benefit eyelashes provide is preventing eye moisture from evaporating. Lashes shade our eyes in a variety of lengths and colors, too. Needless to say, eyelashes are a true necessity for every person at any age. 


  • Show off your lashes.
  • Explore information on lash care.
  • Dress up your lashes with your favorite products.
  • Celebrate your lashes in every shape and style by using #NationalLashDay to post on social media.


House of Lashes submitted National Lash Day in 2015 to celebrate the beauty and functionality of lashes. The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the day to be observed on February 19th, annually.

At House of Lashes, we believe in an Eco-Chic green environment and pledge to keep our products animal cruelty-free. In this way, we manufacture all of our lash boxes out of recyclable packaging and our lashes are hand-crafted using 100% sterilized premium human hair and cruelty-free synthetic fibers. Our inspirations are derived from remarkably creative and diverse communities and have a passion to serve individuals to make them look and feel beautiful.  We strive to become the top pioneering eyelash brand around the globe as we pride ourselves in premium quality products and continue to provide excellent customer service.  “HOL” is founded by a beauty and fashion expert who spent four years researching lashes from all over the world narrowing down the top ten most flattering styles for every eye shape. At House of Lashes, we believe lashes make everything better and stand behind the mantra ‘Quality is Queen.’

Lashes FAQ

Q. Is it difficult to apply false lashes?
A. With a steady hand, some practice, and by following the instructions on the package, anyone can apply false lashes.

Q. Are false lashes difficult to remove?
A. Removing false lashes doesn’t have to be daunting. Be gentle and pull (not tug) from the outer lid toward the tear duct. You can also use a lash removal product. Follow the package instructions.

Q. How long will my false lashes last?
A. Depending on the product and care, false lashes can be worn between 10-20 times.

February 19th Celebrated History


The United States Patent Office issues Thomas Edison patent no. 200, 521 for the invention of the phonograph.


Kellogg brothers John and Harvey found The Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company in Battle Creek, Michigan.


Congress passed the Coast Guard Reserve and Auxiliary Act establishing the United States Coast Guard Reserves and each year on this date the country formally celebrates the military organization’s birthday.


Ezra Pound wins the first Bollingen Prize in poetry established by the Bollingen Foundation at Yale University.


Georgia creates the first censorship board with the passage of House Bill 247. The Georgia Literature Commission operated for 20 years, deciding which books were considered obscene and which were considered decent for bookshelves.

February 19th Celebrated Birthdays

Jesse Hiatt – 1826

After Johnny Appleseed came Jesse Hiatt. He developed the apple known today as the Red Delicious. However, back in 1887 after the first tree bore its first crop, Hiatt named the fruit the Hawkeye after his adopted state of Iowa.

Charles Alexander Eastman – 1858

In 1890, Eastman became the first Native American to graduate from the Boston University School of Medicine. Dr. Eastman returned to the Pine Ridge Agency in South Dakota and would be the only physician to attend the survivors of the Wounded Knee Massacre. He would continue his medical career and write several books about his experiences, biographies of Native American leaders and collected folktales.

Mary Anderson – 1903

On November 11, 1903, the U.S. Patent Office issued patent no. 743,801 to Mary Anderson for her invention of a window cleaning device designed to keep the windscreen of an automobile clear of rain and snow. In other words, Anderson invented the windshield wiper. However, Anderson may have been a tad before her time. She gave up her efforts to sell the device just before manufacturing and sales of automobiles took off.

Smokey Robinson – 1940

For more than six decades the legendary Motown singer-songwriter and producer has been creating unforgettable music. Beginning with the founding of The Miracles, songs like “Tears of a Clown,” “I Second That Emotion,” and “Shop Around” made the group popular. Smokey’s solo career also took off with hits like “Cruisin’” and “Being with You.”

Homer Hickam – 1943

The former NASA engineer is the author of several novels including the 1998 memoir Rocket Boys. In 1999, the novel became the inspiration for the film October Sky.

Notable Mentions

Lee Marvin – 1924
Amy Tan – 1952
Jeff Daniels – 1955
Prince Andrew – 1960
Seal – 1963

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