National Lamington Day - July 21
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)


Every year on July 21st, National Lamington Day celebrates Australia’s most famous culinary icon, the Aussie lamington. The day also encourages people to eat a lamington while spreading the word about this tasty cake.

Lord Lamington, Governor of Queensland, Australia from 1896 to 1901 receives credit for creating the lamington. Lamington consists of a sponge cake dipped in chocolate. After getting dipped in chocolate, the baker sprinkles the cake with fine pieces of coconut.

All the stories about how the lamington came about involve Lord Lamington. One story suggests that his chef was called up on short notice to feed unexpected guests. The chef made the cake with the limited number of ingredients he had on hand. However, the tasty cake so impressed the guests, they asked for the recipe.

Another story suggests a mix-up in the kitchen for bringing us this delicious cake. In this story, a maidservant accidentally drops Lord Lamington’s favorite sponge cake into melted chocolate. However, not wanted to waste the food, Lord Lamington suggests covering the chocolate-covered sponge cake with coconut. Besides being a tasty addition, the coconut would help keep his fingers from getting messy. Satisfied, Lord Lamington devoured the accidentally-created cake.

The first mention of the cake appears in an 1896 newspaper relating to events honoring Lord Lamington. Recipes soon followed, too. Queensland Country Life newspaper printed the first recipe for lamington as early as 1900.

No matter how lamington came about, Aussies and New Zealanders quickly made it one of their favorites. Today, the iconic delicacy is enjoyed with strawberry jam in the center and a dollop of whipped cream on top. Other lamington flavors include jaffa, lemon, and raspberry. The cake is especially popular on Australia Day.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalLamingtonDay

People in Australia and New Zealand love to celebrate this day by baking or buying lamington. They eat it as a special treat or serve it with tea or for dessert. Bakeries have lamington specials and free samples.

To participate:

  • Make your own lamington using this recipe.
  • Read the different stories of how lamington was created.
  • Learn the history of Lord Lamington.
  • Spread the word about the delicious lamington on social media with #NationalLamingtonDay.


National Lamington Day has been held on July 21st in Australia since 2006.

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