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National Invest In Veterans Week - March 1-7


National Invest In Veterans Week is observed each year from March 1 through March 7. During the week, we honor aspiring and established veteran business owners and their contributions to the economy.

According to the Small Business Administration, small business firms owned by veterans employed 5.03 million people, had an annual payroll of $195 billion and receipts of $1.14 trillion. Representing only 9.1 percent of all U.S. businesses, veterans have an unquestionable invaluable impact on economic ecosystems nationwide.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalInvestInVeteransWeek

Celebrate the week by recognizing aspiring and established veteran entrepreneurs. Want to show your support for veteran business owners during National Invest In Veterans Week? Consider the following tips:

  • Promote Veteran-Owned Businesses on Social Media.
  • Buy from Veteran-Owned Businesses.
  • Host a workshop for aspiring veteran entrepreneurs.
  • Nurture Veteran Startups (Grants, Fundraisers, Complientary B2B Services, Award-Ceremonies).
  • Partner with a veteran-owned business.
  • Host a gathering of Veteran-Owned Businesses.
  • Mentor a veteran entrepreneur.
  • Promote National Invest In Veterans Week via social media.

Share your favorite veteran entrepreneur or veteran business on Social Media using #NationalInvestInVeteransWeek.


Invest in VeteransIn 2019, National Football League veteran Drayton Florence and nationally syndicated columnist and Iraq War veteran Jeff Shuford founded National Invest In Veterans Week intending to empower the public to invest in the veteran population through veteran-owned business sustainment, educational development, and mental health empowerment.

Along with the launching numerous veteran-focused innovations, the award-winning veteran-owned technology company Tech From Vets launched National Invest In Veterans Week. “National Invest In Veterans Week puts veteran business owners in the driver’s seat of their enterprises,” stated Lieutenant Colonel Rickey L. Pope, Army, USA, Retired.

Whether celebrating the week or empowering veterans to start and grow their business enterprises, there are many ways to observe and celebrate National Invest In Veterans Week.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar® proclaimed the celebration in July of 2019 to be observed March 1-7, annually.

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