National Inventor's Month - April

National Inventors Month - May


National Inventors Month recognizes the curiosity and imagination of the people who innovate and create.

Since there has been a need for invention, inventors engineer creative solutions. Whether their patents are for improvements on previous designs or entirely new ideas, everyday inventors bring something into this world we didn’t know we needed.

From medical advancements to fuel-efficient homes, inventors and innovators are working hard at creating the next big thing. What we imagine in science fiction today, maybe the invention of tomorrow.


Keep working on your latest idea. Support your inventor in pursuing realizing his or her ambition.  They just might change the world.  Use #NationalInventorsMonth to share on social media.


United Inventors Association of the USA, The Academy of Applied Science and Inventors’ Digest magazine founded National Inventors Month in 1998. The month-long event initially took place in August, but in 2011, the event moved to May to better align with the academic calendar year and National Inventors Hall of Fame induction ceremonies.