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National Intern Day - Fourth Thursday in July


National Intern Day on the fourth Thursday in July recognizes all the college graduates testing the professional waters across the country.

With resumé or diploma in hand, students and graduates pour into internships around the nation getting the experience they need. Not only that, they get to shine! They show off their hard-earned skills by implementing much-needed upgrades, sharing knowledge and techniques. After all, interns provide a fresh perspective in the areas of business, engineering, science, research and so much more.

National Intern Day encourages companies to recognize hardworking interns. Share inspirational success stories about interns on your team; foster a mentor program; develop tools to promote a positive intern experience at your company.


Reward your interns with a celebration on National Intern Day. Use #NationalInternDay to share on social media.


WayUP founded National Intern Day to encourage companies to celebrate, empower and recognize interns. Visit their website for tool and resources to help make the best of your celebration.

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