NATIONAL I AM DAY | Second Sunday in March

(Last Updated On: March 27, 2023)

The second Sunday in March celebrates National I AM Day as a reminder to set time aside for daily positive affirmation and self-care.


There is power in words. When we can believe what we speak in our own lives, we can impact the lives of others through our positive outlook on life. 

I AM are two powerful words you can say that will change the way you think and feel about yourself. Also known as daily positive affirmations, the words I AM can help you overcome fear, self-doubt, and reduce self-sabotage. In fact, saying daily I AM affirmations will help you believe in yourself so you can achieve becoming your highest self. National I AM Day encourages everyone to reach their full potential through self-empowerment, self-motivation, and self-encouragement. Starting with I AM.

10 Reasons to Why I AM Affirmations Work

  1. Helps you focus to achieve goals.
  2. Changes negative thinking patterns.
  3. Improves mental health.
  4. Restores self-esteem.
  5. Reduces stress.
  6. Provides relaxation alternatives during stressful moments.
  7. Improves your daily self-care routine.
  8. Boosts confidence.
  9. Replaces negative thoughts through positive reinforcement.
  10. Sets a reminder that things are temporary.

Saying daily positive affirmations using I AM will reprogram your brain by replacing any negative thoughts, images, or ideas you may have of yourself. When you begin saying daily positive affirmations, your brain shifts away from the things that weigh you down. In fact, you will begin seeing yourself in a different light. Your brain begins to grow by increasing the power of creating an amazing life for you and those around you. Having positive thoughts every day is a powerful tool for you to use as you tackle everyday stresses and life altering experiences. Daily I AM affirmations are a positive reinforcement within your brain that will lead you to a healthier, happier life.

How do I start saying positive affirmations? Starting daily positive affirmations begins with a small commitment to yourself. Your life is your journey. Only you know when you need to make small changes to improve your personal perception of life. By inserting the phrase I AM into your self-care routine, you will begin shifting your mindset and eventually create a more positive outlook on your life.

National I AM Day Tips

  • Always practice affirmations using the present tense.
  • Avoid using words that give a negative intention.
  • Set aside time when you wake up or are ready for bed to say your affirmations.
  • Say your affirmations out loud and listen to your voice speak your affirmation phrases.
  • Find and use affirmations that have meaning to you, your life, and experiences.
  • Create your own affirmations based on areas you feel need change.

Daily affirmations are not a cure for problems that resonate in your life. Affirmations will not solve your problems, but they will help how you react to your problems. Daily practice brings the best results, and it may take time to see results from your new self-care routine. Give yourself time to see the positive effects from your daily positive affirmation routine and experience your life changing.

I AM. . .

  • I AM beautiful and unique.
  • I AM strong and independent.
  • I AM grateful for a new day.
  • I AM thankful for the life I have.
  • I AM an amazing human being.
  • I AM resilient and brave.
  • I AM more than enough. I AM enough.
  • I AM learning to become the best version of myself.


In January 2023, National Day Calendar formed a collaboration with S.H.E Inc 501c3 Sisters Helping Each-Other and the She ROCKS It organization to create National I AM Day. This new celebration encourages everyone to set daily positive affirmations for themselves as a way to practice self-care.


The She ROCKS It organization mission provides a platform where women can come together and celebrate each other. Their goal is to help women network, inspire and empower, while encouraging them to be motivated. The organization supports and acknowledges the success of women by using their platform and putting them in the spotlight. They believe in promoting lifelong learning by hosting educational events, promoting positive relationships, and lifting one another up.

For years I witnessed successful everyday women going above and beyond their daily jobs to do things that impacted and changed the lives of others. These women didn’t serve and give to receive recognition, they gave and served because it was their purpose and passion in life. They saw this as a way of fulfilling their life purpose.

Joyce Dawkins, Founder, She Rocks It Organization

She ROCKS It is dedicated to creating events that give women an unforgettable experience. Their events are created with today’s woman in mind, empowering women to live their best life by showing the world who SHE is.

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