National Humor Month – April

National Humor Month - April
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


Why did a rubber duck cross the road? To see the rubber chicken! April is National Humor Month!

Humor plays an essential role in our overall health. The ability to smile, laugh, and play is directly related to the way we express our personalities. It’s one of our more redeeming qualities.

The more we laugh at ourselves, the better suited we are for the world around us, too! Jokes and general silliness help to increase our heart rate and blood flow bringing oxygen to our brain and vital organs. A sparkle dances in our eyes as hormones flood our bodies reducing pain and stress.

Can you imagine a world without laughter?

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalHumorMonth

  • Tell a joke or act silly for just a moment every day. Humor is contagious. Be prepared to smile!
  • Watch a funny movie.
  • Attend a comedy show.
  • Just clown around!
  • #Use NationalHumorMonth to share your fun with someone who needs their month brightened.


Larry Wilde, Director of the Carmel Institue of Humor, comedian, and author, founded National Humor Month in 1976 to share the therapeutic benefits of humor with the world. Visit to learn more.



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