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National Heart Month - February


February focuses on the heart making it National Heart Month. Anyone can be at risk for heart disease. More and more, our sedentary lifestyles are putting us at risk at a younger age. Obesity, high blood pressure, and smoking all increase our risk factors.

Each one of those we can take action to lower our risk. Get moving. Remove stress. And quit smoking. Eat healthier.

Even small changes help make a difference. Reduce the amount of fast food. Eat more greens. Take the stairs. Walk the kids to school. Go outside and play with the kids or walk the dog.


Talk to your physician about your risk factors. Walking is one of the healthiest and safest activities we can do for ourselves. Learn more at www.cdc.gov and use #NationalHeartMonth to share on social media.


The American Heart Association proclaimed February as National Heart Month. 

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