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On July 22nd, relax in the shade and enjoy National Hammock Day. These portable, comfortable slings create excellent napping spaces no matter where you are!

A hammock is a sling made of fabric, rope or netting. When suspended between two points, a hammock forms a sling used for swinging, sleeping or resting. We usually suspend a hammock between trees or posts.  

The hammock dates back thousands of years to Central America where it protected people from creatures and dirt. However, the netted bed didn’t find Europe until explorers brought it back in the 17th century. Not long after, the hammock found its way onto naval ships, providing comfort and maximizing space.

After swaying across the oceans, the hammock eventually became a more leisurely item. Made from a variety of fabrics, it is suspended between trees in backyards and at lake cabins. Easily packed into a backpack, hammocks became essential elements of survival. Hikers, campers, and mountain climbers added the light and compact sleep sling to their kits.

If the leisure of hammocks seems ho-hum to you, don’t go the relaxing route. Extreme hammocking puts the adventure into your rest and relaxation. Thrill-seekers sleep in hammocks hundreds of feet above a canyon floor.

Whether you use a hammock to take a nap or as a convenient tool in your camping kit, July 22nd second recognizes one innovative way to catch some sleep. 

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalHammockDay

Hang up your hammock and take a nap. Use your own or borrow a hammock to celebrate. Host a hammock event, encouraging others to relax in the great outdoors. You can also conduct some research.

  • Do you sleep better in a hammock or in a bed? According to a Swiss research team at the University of Geneva, the hammock wins. Conduct your own tests to see if it’s true. 
  • Which is easier to pack, a hammock or an air mattress?
  • Sticking to our hammock vs. air mattress test, which is easier to set up?
  • Manufacturers make hammocks out of a variety of materials; Which one do you prefer?
  • Answer this question: Which is easier to get out of, a hammock or mattress?

Share photos of your hammock experience by posting on social media using #NationalHammockDay.


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