National Grand Marnier Day | July 14
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)


National Grand Marnier Day on July 14th recognizes a liquor that brings citrus notes to cocktails and desserts. Since the 1880s, we’ve been enjoying the fruits of Grand Marnier’s exquisite flavor. 


Alexander Marnier-Lapostolle invented the orange liquor in the 1880s. His grand experiment pairing fruit liquors with cognac took 10 years to find success. When it did, Lapostolle gave birth to one very expensive liquor. The cognac concoction blended one of the most costly fruits of the time with a very strong spirit, too. The result was truly grand. Not only does it add a splash of citrus when mixed into drinks and desserts, but Grand Marnier can be enjoyed neat. 

Grand Marnier is used in a long list of desserts including liquor cream buns, Yule log, cranberry sauce, Crepes Suzette, and Grand Marnier souffle creme bruleé. Grand Marnier is also used in the sauce of the roasted duck dish, Canard a l’Orange.

Some examples of the mixed drinks including Grand Marnier are Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Sidecar, Dirty Harry, Grand Mimosa, B-52, the Grand Marnier Smash, Grand Smash, Smash Marnier, Bloody Smash, Maced Marnier, Ace Marnier Smash,  Frosty Smash, Smace, Grand Hound, Blood Pug, Clarke, Nogley and the Grand Marnier Fireball.

However, don’t stop at beverages and desserts. Add Grand Marnier for extra zest in your sauces and marinades. Your meat dishes will take center stage.


Enjoy a mixed drink with Grand Marnier. While you’re sipping your cocktail, why not make a dessert, too. We found some absolutely mouthwatering ones to try. Then, invite some friends over to celebrate the day with you. Remember to Celebrate Every Day® while you’re savoring your delicious dessert. Share it with your friends by posting #NationalGrandMarnierDay on social media. 

Grand Marnier Sherbert
Orange Marscapone Dip
Grand Marnier Cake


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July 14th Celebrated History


French revolutionaries storm the Bastille.


The Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations opened at the Crystal Palace in New York City. President Franklin Pierce attended the opening as well as thousands of others. The first World’s Fair hosted in the United States followed the London Exhibition from the previous year.


Lincoln County New Mexico Sherriff Pat Garrett shoots and kills American outlaw William Bonney (AKA Billy the Kid).


The film Easy Rider premiered in New York City. Directed by Dennis Hopper, the film followed two bikers across the country. The film starred Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, and Jack Nicholson.

July 14th Celebrated Birthdays

Gertrude Bell – 1868

The self-taught archeologist and Oxford graduate (the first woman to earn first degree honors there), Bell explored even the world’s mountain peaks as an experienced mountaineer. As a linguist, she served in the role of mediator, specifically in the Middle East and the Conference in Cairo.

William Hannah – 1910

William Hanna partnered with Joseph Barbera and created many of today’s classic animated cartoons. Starting with the successful  Tom & Jerry, the team would take us into the past with The Flinstones and fast forward us to the future with the Jetsons. Their studios would produce animated television shows well into the 2000s, including the popular Smurfs.

Woody Guthrie – 1912

Woody Guthrie’s folk music spoke to the working public. From his anthems to his poetic lullabies, Guthrie spoke and sang openly of the human condition or softly of its sweetest moments.

Gerald Ford – 1913

After the resignation of Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford took the oath of office and became the 38th President of the United States.

Ingmar Bergman – 1918

The accomplished Swedish film director won his first Academy Award in 1961 for The Virgin Spring. In total, Bergman earned three Oscars, six Golden Globes and numerous international awards.

Jane Lynch – 1960

The award-winning American actress and comedian can be seen in the TV musical series Glee, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and several other shows and films.

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