National Get Caught Reading Month – May

Get Caught Reading Month - May
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


There is no better challenge than Get Caught Reading Month in May.  All month long, wherever you go, the campaign challenges every one of all ages to get caught reading!

Here are some great tips to be prepared to read all month long.

  • Tuck magazines into your bag. Anytime you have some free time you will have something to read.
  • Place books for all ages in the car. Everyone will have something to read. Older children can read to those who haven’t mastered the skill.
  • Unplug for the month. Then stop by the library and pick out the latest bestseller or classic on your reading list.
  • Charge up the digital reader’s battery and load it up. Many classics have been made available for a small fee or no cost.
  • Get caught reading to children. Find a snug spot and create a routine that carries on throughout the year.
  • Include a book in every room in the house.
  • Encourage reading during stressful times as a way to distract the mind away from worries and to refocus.
  • Read outdoors in a park after a walk.


It’s simple – get caught reading. However, the campaign doesn’t stop there. It encourages a life-long enjoyment of reading. Kick back with an article, book, magazine you enjoy and read.  Use #GetCaughtReadingMonth to share on social media.


The Association of American Publishers founded the Get Caught Reading campaign in 1999. It’s now managed by Every Child a reader and receives support from Lois Lenski Covey Foundation. The campaign runs all year long with May designated as Get Caught Reading Month.





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