NATIONAL GARAGE SALE DAY – Second Saturday in August

National Garage Sale Day - Second Saturday in August


National Garage Sale Day on the second Saturday in August recognizes the perfect time to sell our good, but used items. Set up the tables and price your things. Or, head out around the neighborhood looking for great deals.  

A successful garage sale requires a little planning and organization.

  • Sort like items together.
  • Keep prices reasonable, but don’t undersell. Also, don’t price anything less than a quarter. Who wants to make small change?
  • Clearly price items.
  • Be willing to negotiate. You don’t want to pack up the items again, do you?
  • Wash and fold the clothes. Clean items sell more quickly that musty, wrinkled clothes.
  • Place clearly marked signs in ideal locations. (Check your local ordinances. Some cities only allow signs on boulevards or not at all.)
  • Be prepared with plenty of small bills.
  • If you advertise, be clever. A humorous note about your vast collection will catch garage sale hunter’s eyes more quickly than the ho-hum, everyday ad.

garage sale signs

For the savvy shopper, garage sales offer an inexpensive way to update their decor. They also help young families obtain gently used items for their children and homes. 

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalGarageSaleDay

Get out and seek some deals. Or better yet, clean out the attic and basement. Put some price on those antiques and make some money. No matter how you celebrate, be sure to use #NationalGarageSaleDay to share your great deals on social media.


C. Daniel Rhodes of Alabama created National Garage Sale Day in 2001. After seeing neighbors having sales on different weekends, Rhoades thought coordinating sales on the same weekend would be convenient. He is also the founder of Mulligan Day and Brother’s Day.

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