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NATIONAL GARAGE SALE DAY – Second Saturday in August

National Garage Sale Day Second Saturday in August


Saturdays and Summertime are the perfect combinations for garage sales.  That is why the second Saturday in August is designated National Garage Sale Day.

On this day, you will see people finding great deals at these neighborhood sales.  For those having the sales, this is a way for them to find new homes for items they no longer need.


If you see a driveway full of items and a sale sign out, stop by and celebrate National Garage Sale Day. Use #NationalGarageSaleDay to share your great deals on social media.


C. Daniel Rhodes of Alabama came up with the idea of having a National Garage Sale Day in 2001 after seeing neighbors having sales on different weekends.  Rhodes thought it would be more convenient if they all had them on the same weekend. He is also the founder of Mulligan Day and Brother’s Day.

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