Right at the beginning of National Seafood Month, National Fried Scallops Day serves up a seafood dish enjoyed across the country. October 2nd each year brings scallop fans together to celebrate their favorite dishes. 

The word scallop refers to the common name applied to many species of marine bivalve mollusks in the family Pectinidae. Every ocean in the world provides habitat for these mollusks, too. 

When is National Shrimp Day?

In fact, many areas of the world prize scallops as a food source. The name scallop applies to the meat of the scallops when it is used as seafood. The tender meat is harvested in a variety of sizes. Larger medallions grill deliciously over an open flame. Smaller scallops pair nicely in soups or pasta. However, this tender and prized meat requires very little season and often takes center stage of a meal. 

Like many types of seafood, cooks should be careful not to overcook. The meat becomes tough and rubbery. However, when cooked to just done, the meat is melt-in-your-mouth tender. In the United States, we consume three types of scallops: sea scallops, bay scallops and calico scallops. The flavor and versatility of scallops leads us to celebration! 

HOW TO OBSERVE #FriedScallopsDay

Scallop lovers rejoice! Head to your favorite seafood restaurant and order a plate of scallops. Are you handy in the kitchen? Pick up some scallops to make at home. Here are two very good recipes to enjoy these Fried Scallops:

Pan-Fried Sea Scallops
Pan-Fried Scallops

Or share your favorite recipes with us. Invite someone to taste scallops for the first time. Introduce them to the best methods for cooking scallops, too. Or, take a cooking class and become master of your kitchen, a la scallop style. While you’re celebrating, be sure to use #FriedScallopsDay to post on social media.

Did you know, in Italy, scallops is a dish of potatoes, veggies and thin slices of pork in a brown gravy? So, don’t be surprised if you order scallops and the waiter doesn’t bring you seafood! Yep, this happened to me recently. The dish was very good, just imagine my surprise expecting a seafood dish and receiving pork.


National Day Calendar® continues researching the origins of this delicious food holiday. 

Fried Scallops FAQ

Q. What flavors complement fried scallops?
A. Many flavors go well with fried scallops. Try these flavors the next time you make fried scallops.

  • Lemon
  • Garlic
  • Thyme
  • Tarragon
  • Parsley
  • Paprika
  • Fennel

Q. How do I order sea scallops in Italy?
A. If sea scallops are on the menu, they may be listed as le capesante.