National Forklift Safety Day - Second Tuesday in June


The second Tuesday in June recognizes National Forklift Safety Day. The observance provides opportunities for manufacturing, warehouses, logistics, and other industries that rely on forklifts to reassess their forklift training and safety guidelines.

Forklifts are an integral part of industry and commerce around the world. The operators who move products from warehouse to truck to loading dock keep goods moving across the country. Without forklift operators, much of the work needed to move pallets of parts, finished products, and food would be time-consuming and extremely dangerous. So instead, forklifts do the heavy lifting. But with all that heavy lifting, safety becomes paramount.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), forklift-related injuries have increased since 2011. Training is an important factor in reducing the number of injuries and deaths. The type of forklift, the material being moved, and the facility where they work also impacts the type of training an operator needs. This annual reminder also brings industries across the country together to help improve the safety of every employee – including the operator.

HOW TO OBSERVE #ForkliftSafetyDay

Every industry that uses forklifts is encouraged to take part in National Forklift Safety Day. Whether they host seminars or provide opportunities for their operators to recertify and attend seminars, the day is about ensuring a safe and efficient atmosphere. There are several ways to participate across the country:

  • Review your training schedules and protocols for forklift drivers.
  • Ensure all operators are current in their training.
  • Review and update equipment safety check guidelines.
  • Trainers, maintain your training, too. Operators should be learning from trainers who have the most current knowledge and understanding of a company’s protocols.
  • Attend webinars that share the latest in safety equipment and standards.

Share your events and experiences by using #ForkliftSafetyDay on social media.


In 2014, the Industrial Truck Association founded National Forklift Safety Day to highlight the safe use of forklifts and serve as an annual reminder of the value of training and equipment checks in every industry that relies on forklifts.

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