NATIONAL FOREST PRODUCTS WEEK – Begins Third Sunday in October

National Forest Products Week – Begins Third Sunday In October
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


National Forest Products Week celebrates the essential role forest play in our environment and economy. The third Sunday in October ushers in events focused on several topics.

Developers, conservationists, and producers bring to the table a wealth of knowledge. Some of the critical areas spotlighted during the week will include:

  • conservation practices
  • sustainability
  • educational resources
  • wood products
  • forest protection
  • urban forestry
  • socio-economic benefits

Forests produce numerous products. For generations, wood has supplied resources for paper, building material, and fuel. Beyond wood products, forests are also a part of a broader ecosystem. Within those ecosystems, other resources are produced. Sustainable harvesting of forests requires careful conservation.

Other goods that come from the forest include the fruits and nuts the trees produce, fungi, herbs, and medicines.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalForestProductsWeek

Take part in the observance by attending educational seminars. Learn about sustainability efforts and how forests impact our communities. Become involved in how our forests are managed. Another way to participate is to simply look around you. Consider the number of products you use that come from forest productions. It’s more than just paper and wood. Visit your local forests and national forests to learn more about their conservation.  Use #NationalForestProductsWeek to follow on social media.


On September 13, 1960, the United Congress issued a joint proclamation designating the week beginning on the third Sunday in October as National Forest Products Week. President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the proclamation on September 15, 1960. Since then, each sitting president has proclaimed the week.


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