National for Twelves Day - April 12
(Last Updated On: November 7, 2022)


On National for Twelves Day (4/12), the nation will honor a magnificent number that holds significance in several ways.

We measure our days in two 12 hour sets. When we buy roses, eggs, and pastries, we purchase them by the dozen. How many months are in a year? Twelve. Of course, math lovers appreciate 12 because it has a perfect number of divisors.

Sports fans remember all the great athletes in every sport who have worn that fabulous number. For example, Terry Bradshaw, John Stockton, Jim Kelly, Dwight Howard, and Joe Namath come to mind.

And football fans wear the number to represent themselves as the 12th member of their favorite team. These vital members of the football team support players on and off the field. Especially integral to the success of the players and the teams, the celebration focuses on the fans who inspire their teams to be at their best every day.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalForTwelvesDay

  • Honor the grand number 12 by posting a picture of a dozen things!
    • Roses, cartons of eggs, or even a listicle of the 12 steps you’ll take to reach your New Year’s goals.
    • Post a picture wearing your favorite athlete’s 12 jersey!
    • Take pictures of the number 12 when you see it.
  • 12 is such a sublime number. We Celebrate Every Day®. #412 will be an official day to celebrate it!
  • Use #NationalForTwelvesDay or #412 to share on social media.


Seattle Sea Hawkers LogoThe Honolulu Sea Hawkers founded National For Twelves Day in 2019 to celebrate the 12s on a football team – the fans! Their loyalty and support inspire players all season long – #NationalForTwelvesDay is dedicated to all the fans.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National For Twelves Day to be observed on April 12, annually.

Twelve FAQ

Q. What is the twelfth month of the year?
A. December is the twelfth month of the year on the Gregorian calendar.

Q. Who won the 12th Super Bowl?
A. On January 15, 1978, the Cowboys defeated the Broncos 27-10.

Q. Who were the winners at the 12th Academy Awards?
A. The 12th Academy Awards was a star-studded event. Best Story went to Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Gone With the Wind won Outstanding Production, Best Director, Best Actress, and Best Supporting Actress.


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