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National Floral Design Day - February 28NATIONAL FLORAL DESIGN DAY        

National Floral Design Day is observed annually on February 28th.  For thousands of years, floral design has been an important cultural art form. This is the day we celebrate that art form.  It may be in a bouquet, painting, in a textile, a garden or floral arrangement.

Floral design is a multi-billion dollar industry that brightens our lives on a daily basis.

From majestic, historic gardens to a bridal bouquet on that special day, floral designers have an eye for color, style and perspective. Floral design can complete a space, complementing existing structures and bringing brightness and color to them.

As with many arts, floral design has traditional roots hearkening back to Egyptian temple offerings to gods. The design changed from era to era, each having distinct customs and traditions.


Keep an eye out for floral designs and use #FloralDesignDay to post on social media.


Floral Design Day was created as a unique way to celebrate a special birthday of Carl Rittner, the founder of the Rittners School of Floral Design in Boston over 60 years ago.  Mr. Rittner is a pioneer in floral art education. The people at Rittners felt that the idea of a holiday that celebrates floral design as an art form is a wonderful one whose time had come.  So they, along with Mr. Rittner, wanted to see Floral Design Day continue to be observed as an event in its own right.

In 1995, Governor William F. Weld of Massachusetts, proclaimed this day as Floral Design Day.  


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
A Proclamation
By His Excellency






WHEREAS Flowers and their design have been appreciated and enjoyed throughout the world since prehistoric times and


WHEREAS Floral design is a unique art form, utilizing natural media and applying such variables as line, balance, color, structure & symbolism, and


WHEREAS Through floral design, individuals are able to express many emotions including love, sympathy, friendship and hope, and


WHEREAS Floral design provides visual pleasure and adds to the observance of personal events, including birth, marriages and deaths and


WHEREAS Floral design fosters creativity, enhances communication and develops perceptual awareness:


Now, therefore I William F. Weld, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts do hereby proclaim February 28th, 1995 as


And urge all the citizens of the Commonwealth to take cognizance of this event and participate fittingly in its observance.

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