National Flash Drive Day | April 5
(Last Updated On: March 29, 2023)


National Flash Drive Day on April 5 commemorates the date inventors filed their patent for the first USB Flash Disk. Their invention revolutionized the way we store and manage digital data!


As information flowed from our fingertips, the flash drive became the go-to storage device. Called by many names, the USB (universal serial bus) drive makes digital data more accessible than ever before. Today, we effortlessly store photos, transfer files and upload gigabytes. Not only that, but flash drives contribute to making the world a better place.

Making a Difference

By stretching budgets and services, these super functional devices make virtual classrooms possible. They provide access to information to parts of the world many of us take for granted. In third world and oppressed countries, flash drives go where the information superhighway cannot. Despite being classics to a majority of the population, books considered contraband become windows to the world around them. Comparatively, movies and radio recordings provide the same information to people in underdeveloped countries. In homeless communities, flash drives keep people connected by giving them access photos and a resumé; these items may be a lifeline of hope.

Tuck a few bytes into your pocket and celebrate with a few new ways to appreciate the USB drive.


  • Whether you save pictures or backup files, consider how versatile the thumb drive is.
  • Play a retro game.
  • If you have extra devices, donate them to a good cause. Charities across the country deliver your donations to schools, homeless shelters, and nations in need.
  • Use #FlashDriveDay to join the excitement and spread the word.
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USBMemoryDirect_Logo_Circle-MarkIn 2018, USB Memory Direct established National Flash Drive Day to bring awareness to the significant impact flash drives have made on our technological lives and to shine a spotlight on the broader good the technology can do.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the first National Flash Drive Day to be observed on April 5th, 2019, and annually thereafter.

Flash Drive FAQ

Q. What sizes do flash drives come in?
A. Flash drives come in a variety of sizes. Some of the most common are 64, 128, 256, and 512 MB. However, they come in even larger sizes.

Q. How do I decide how large of a USB drive I need?
A. The answer to that question will depend a lot on what you’re using the USB for. Will it be used to transfer data and then erased it? Will it accumulate a lot of data files over time? Or are the files large to begin with? Photos, artwork, and audio create large files while documents create smaller files.

Q. Are USB drives reusable?
A. Yes. You can delete and overwrite data on a USB many times. However, a USB will eventually wear out.

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