National Family Sexuality Education Month is an annual designation observed in October. The purpose of this month is to spread the word about activities promoting family education about sexuality. It’s also a time to support parents as they teach their children about sexuality.

According to Planned Parenthood, “Many parents avoid talking openly about sex and health with their children because they’re embarrassed or don’t know how to start the conversation. The absence of such crucial discussions in our sex-obsessed culture, however, leaves children vulnerable to the unrealistic sexual messages they get from advertising, music, and video every day.” So this month, let’s get talking.


Educate yourself and your family about sexuality. Use #FamilySexualityEducationMonth to post on social media. If you have kids, sit down with them sometime this month and have a conversation with them about sex, and try not to panic, even though it can be a bit of an awkward conversation. Here are a few tips for getting the conversation rolling. 

  1. Keep the message positive. Of course, there is much more to sexuality than the risks that come with it. Teach your kids to appreciate their own bodies, treat others with respect, and express love while keeping their own values in mind.
  2. Build their self-esteem and respect their privacy (if they are teens) as much as you value yours.
  3. Do not use scare tactics to attempt to keep your kids from being sexually active. It will not work.
  4. Make sure the conversation is a two-way street. Let them ask questions, and ask them questions about how they are feeling. The more transparent you are, the more they’ll be willing to open up.

National Family Sexuality Education Month began in 1975, and was created by Dr. Sol Gordon at the Institute of Family Research and Education.