National Fair Trade Month - October
National Fair Trade Month – October


National Fair Trade Month is an annual designation observed in October. During this time, we raise awareness about the fair trade movement to our global economy. We spread the word about who and where our products come from. It’s also encouraged to buy from businesses that are committed to fair trade this time of year. #FindFairTrade and tell others to do the same. In October, we celebrate many “national months,” like Non-GMO month, Kale day, Pizza & Pasta month, and more… and in a way, National Fair Trade month is at the heart of them all. This month, we celebrate how much people care about others, the food we eat, and the world we live in. 


Use #NationalFairTradeMonth, #FindFairTrade, or #FairTradeMonth to post on social media. Take some time to learn about Fair Trade this month. To put it simply, Fair Trade is a certification of environmental, economic, and social responsibility. If you see the Fair Trade Certified label on a product, it means that product was manufactured in line with strict standards that involve safe working conditions, no child or forced labor, no GMOs, etc. Did you know coffee was the very first Fair Trade Certified product when Fair Trade USA kicked off in 1998? Here are a few other Fair Trade fun facts…

  1. Whole Foods Market is the leading retailer in Fair Trade offerings.
  2. There are over 1.66 million farmers & workers in Fair Trade certified producer organizations.
  3. There are 1,411 Fair Trade certified producer organizations in 73 countries.

In our research, we were unable to find the creator of National Fair Trade Month. Fair Trade USA itself was founded in 1998 by the Institute for Agricultural Trade Policy.