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National Eyewear Day - June 6


On June 6 we can see clearly and look good doing it. It’s National Eyewear Day.

Spectacles have been around for about seven centuries, but early versions were only worn by monks and scholars. It wasn’t until the invention of the printing press in 1452 and an increase in literacy that the demand for eyewear grew as well.

Eyewear today not only improves our vision, but it also protects it while adding elements of style and personality.  Imagine John Lennon without his iconic round frames.  Would Maverick be Top Gun without his aviators? No one would recognize Harry Caray without his trademark face-covering frames.  Eyewear can define, outline and punctuate a personality.  It can also be a little covert. Who is Clark Kent without his frames after all?  Though many may have tried, no one wore the dark tortoise shells better than Audrey Hepburn.

Clearly, eyewear plays a significant role in our lives.  From improving vision and protection to providing a variety of style options, it certainly is something to celebrate on National Eyewear Day.


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Zyloware_WAZ_blueNational Eyewear Day was submitted by Zyloware Eyewear in 2016 and approved by the Registrar at National Day Calendar.  Zyloware Eyewear was founded in 1923 by Joseph Shyer.  Zyloware Eyewear has been family-owned and operated for 93 years and prides itself on quality, service and customer satisfaction.



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