NATIONAL EMS WEEK - Third Full Week of May

National EMS Week - Third Full Week of May
National EMS Week – Third Full Week of May


Across the nation, communities and medical professionals will honor the contributions of EMS practitioners.  From rural communities with little to no local health care services to major cities teeming with humanity, dedicated first responders provide immediate care during a health crisis.  Whether there is an accident or an illness, these trained professionals work around the clock to make sure care is available quickly.  Keeping up with the latest training ensures they know the most effective life-saving emergency treatments.  EMS practitioners are professionals of the highest caliber.


During National EMS Week, recognize their accomplishments and reward them with a smile, a home baked goodies or a community banquet. Take time to recognize those who provide the emergency services in your community.  Use #NationalEMSWeek to share on social media.


The first National EMS Week was observed in 1974 when President Gerald Ford declared the week to acknowledge the crucial work of this critical link in emergency medical care.

2017 May 21 – 27, EMSC Day Wednesday, May 24
2018 May 20 – 26, EMSC Day Wednesday, May 23
2019 May 19 – 25, EMSC Day Wednesday, May 22
2020 May 17 – 23, EMSC Day Wednesday, May 20