National Eggs Benedict Day | April 16
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2023)


On April 16th, National Eggs Benedict Day celebrates a long-favored breakfast or brunch dish. Eggs Benedict consists of poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce and Canadian bacon or ham on English muffin halves.


There are two different stories as to how Eggs Benedict came to be.

  • In 1894 stockbroker Lemuel Benedict ordered “buttered toast, poached eggs, crisp bacon, and a side of Hollandaise”  at the Waldorf Hotel. They were so impressed with the dish that they put it on the menu, substituting ham and English muffins in place of the bacon and toast.
  • In the early 18th century, Pope Benedict XIII liked an egg dish so much that he requested it time and time again. Many believe that Pope Benedict XIII had an illness that added to his desire for this particular egg dish, hence the name Eggs Benedict.

Some restaurants serve their own versions of Eggs Benedict. Mix it up by substituting the ham for salmon or corned beef. Add sliced tomatoes or steamed asparagus. Replace the English muffin with thick, crusty toast or thin, crisp bagels. There are so many ways to be creative in the kitchen. The important elements with Eggs Benedict are properly poached eggs and a perfect hollandaise sauce. When the yolk and sauce blend with all the other ingredients, this meal is divine. 


  • Treat yourself to a delicious breakfast of Eggs Benedict at home or your favorite breakfast restaurant.
  • Learn how to poach the perfect egg. Then whip up a delicious hollandaise sauce, too.
  • It’s one of The Seven Mother Sauces used in cooking. F
  • ind out more about the types of sauces used and how to make them.
  • Try making the recipe below or share one of your own.
  • Use #NationalEggsBenedictDay to post on social media.


National Day Calendar continues to research the origins of this delicious food holiday. 

Eggs Benedict

Q. Why is my hollandaise sauce runny?
A. Hollandaise is one of the more temperamental sauces to make. It’s a balancing act of egg yolks, butter, lemon juice, and mixing. If you’ve melded these ingredients together but the sauces is thin, one quick fix is adding a small amount of thickener like starch over a little heat in a double boiler. You can also add more butter or more egg yolks.

Q. Why did my hollandaise sauce curdle?
A. The likely cause is too much heat. You will need to start again because there’s no fixing curdled hollandaise.

Q. Can I use a fried egg for Eggs Benedict?
A. It’s not Eggs Benedict unless the egg is poached. Poached eggs create a creamier texture than fried eggs, no matter how slow or gently you fry them.


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