National DJ Month - June
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


During National DJ Month in June, Radio & TV stations, owners, show hosts, business retailers and music lovers alike celebrate the DJ (Disc Jockey).

DJs, masters at their craft with technical skill, keep the nightclubs dancing, fitness studios sweating and music festivals feeling the rhythm. Whether broadcasting to listeners on the radio, engaging TV audiences, or setting a mood for a special occasion the DJ is an essential part of our culture.

Celebrate the artistry, mastery, and skill of DJs everywhere during National DJ Month in June!



  • On 1st June tweet “I Heart My DJ (stage name)”

  • Retailer offer promo discounts on DJ Equipment

  • Radio-TV Network recognize DJ; award/film/spot

  • Radio-TV Show-hosts give ‘shout-out’; In-house DJ.

  • Radio Station owner ‘take mic’ and DJ extra break

  • DJ Service owner give DJ special incentive, reward

  • Club owner and venues organize local Battle Mix

  • Post-event available tab

  • Follow National DJ Month on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Use #NationalDJMonth #DJ #NDM on social media


  Musician Veteran Senior (MVS) non-profit founded in 2018 has started an initiative called National DJ Month to bring awareness of unsung heroes in entertainment.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed it will be observed annually in June.

About Musician Veteran Senior (MVS)

MVS provides essential information to improve the lives of those in communities. This is the year, starting in June, you can help; show appreciations for the DJ!

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