National Dive Bar Day | July 7
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)


On July 7th, raise a toast to the place where friends gather and memories are made. It’s National Dive Bar Day!


From the one-time speakeasy to the little hole-in-the-wall, the dive bar is like an old pair of jeans; it just fits right. During the week, we can stop in, our team will be playing on the TV, and the beverages will be icy cold. The same dart and pool leagues meet every year, and familiar faces go head to head.

Dive bars last. On Friday nights, even their sweethearts still show up for date nights at the beach shack where they met 20 years ago. If we drive the back roads of small towns, the dive bar serves the best steaks for miles around.

The dive bar is more than just a place to kick back and relax. It’s where we mark out life’s plans, celebrate its successes, and make memories to treasure. We make friends who become family and remember those who have left us behind.

This holiday is about the first place to come to mind when it’s time to celebrate, to hang out with friends or just feel at home once again. We may use the term dive bar with a bit of fondness, however, many of these places have been around a long time. “I remember when…” is a familiar phrase heard often enough. Raise a toast to the bars and pubs where they know us and take care of us.


Join Seagram’s 7 Crown and visit your favorite local dive bar. Have a 7&7 on 7/7 or your beverage of choice and give them a shout out. Be sure to bring your friend and share your memories, too. Make sure to use #NationalDiveBarDay to share on social media. If you stay home, try these cocktail shakers for home use.

**Always drink responsibly and designate a sober driver.


Seagram’s Seven Crown founded National Dive Bar Day on July 7th to honor all the dive bars around the country and to recognize them as an American past time that will never die. Seagram’s Seven Crown strives to help preserve the dive bar, those places with lasting personality, who take care of their own. Through historic preservation initiatives, Seagram’s 7 supports the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

July 7th Celebrated History


The Chillicothe Baking Company in Missouri begins selling the first pre-sliced bread. They provided the service by using the Rohwedder Bread Slicer to quickly, evenly and simultaneously slice baker’s loaves. before packaging the bread for sale to consumers.


Construction begins on Boulder Dam.


The United States Patent Office issued five patents to Henry F. Phillips for a fastening system incorporating a driver and cross-head screw.


The Roman Catholic Church canonizes Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini – the first U.S. citizen to be canonized.


The solar-powered aircraft, Solar Challenger became the first of its kind to cross the English Channel.

July 7th Celebrated Birthdays

Margaret Larkin – 1899

Author of The Hand of Mordechai, Margaret Larkin also wrote an anthology of songs in The Singing Cowboy. The writer earned several prizes for her work in poetry and her drama El Cristo.

Satchel Paige – 1906

Through the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, the American professional pitcher played for several teams in the Negro National League. On July 7, 1948, Paige joined the Cleveland Indians, making his debut on July 9. Cleveland went on to win the World Series against Boston that year. While Paige only played five years in Major League Baseball, he left a lasting impact.

Harriette Simpson Arnow – 1908

Harriette Simpson Arnow gained critical acclaim for her novel The Dollmaker and penned several short stories, essays and other novels. Arnow mastered the Appalachian dialect in her fiction and created complex female characters. Her stories unfolded much like John Steinbeck’s did at the time, but with a female perspective, and Arnow received much less credit for her talent.

Ringo Starr – 1940

Born Richard Starkey, the English musician gained prominence as the drummer for the Beatles. In the 1970s, Starr pursued a solo career while also playing with each of the other former Beatle members.

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