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National Disease Literacy Month



National Disease Literacy Month in September sets out to improve a person’s overall understanding of their diagnosis and the associated services needed to make care decisions. More specifically, the month focuses on children, their knowledge of the conditions they have and the care they need every day.  

Even though getting well or taking medicine to keep us healthy should be a simple concept, it’s not. We know medicine is confusing. It hurts and interrupts our lives. Children know it as painful, messy and cumbersome, too. However, learning to understand the purpose of their treatments in meaningful ways may make a difference in their lives. 

Over 90% of children do not understand their disease or chronic illness.  We often resist what we don’t understand. Children skip medications and treatments. As a result, their condition worsens and treatments are less effective and outcomes worsen. Interactive programs in fun, friendly environments offer a way for children to learn about their conditions. 

Through educational games, children learn about their illness and how it is managed. If children understand their disease and how to better manage it, the hope is to improve overall results.


Help children learn more about their condition so they can lead a healthier life. Understand the child’s view of their condition. Volunteer, donate and share your experiences. Visit hemonauts.com to learn more. Use #DiseaseLiteracyMonth to share on social media. 


Hemonauts founded National Disease Literacy Month to increase children’s understanding of their chronic illnesses and conditions. Children with chronic illness and diseases already face so much adversity. They aim to improve children’s overall health and outcomes while having fun, too. Hemonauts actively develop children-friendly ways for children to better understand their conditions setting them on a path to a lifetime of improved management goals. 

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Disease Literacy Month in 2019 to be observed annually during the month of September. 

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