NATIONAL DISC GOLF DAY – First Saturday in August

National Disc Golf Day | First Saturday in August
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)


Grab your discs and call up your friends! The first Saturday in August is National Disc Golf Day!


How to Play Disc Golf

Disc golf and traditional golf share many common characteristics. For example, both sports include a goal of reaching each target with the fewest number of strokes; or in the case of disc golf, throws.

While disc golf parallels the traditional game in many ways, there are differences. Instead of clubs and a ball, the only gear necessary is a disc or Frisbee™. Players start from a tee pad which is generally a rectangular area made of anything from rubber to cement or even brick. After each throw, the player progresses down the fairway.

From where the disc lands, the player throws again and repeats until the disc lands in the target. As in traditional golf, the total number of throws a player takes to get the disc into the target is equal to the score for that hole.

Since the late 1960s, enthusiasts have been playing disc golf. The game became a formalized sport in the 1970s. In the beginning, targets were nothing more than tree trunks or wooden posts cemented into the ground. As the game progressed, courses replaced trees and posts with metal baskets with chains. The chains added the benefit of helping to catch the discs. Initially, the metal baskets were called a Disc Golf Pole Hole. However, today, these modern-day targets come in dozens of design variations with the same general idea and technical specifications in mind.

Benefits of Disc Golf

Several advantages to disc golf immediately jump to mind. First of all, the sport is convenient and inexpensive. While on vacation or camping, discs easily pack along with other gear without adding much space or weight.  Unlike traditional golf, a majority of disc golf courses across the country are open to the public. That means no fees, memberships, or tee times.

As a growing international sport, the number of courses is increasing all the time.  In August of 2015, the International Olympic Committee granted full recognition to Flying Disc sports providing a global platform for Flying Disc sports, including disc golf.   

People of all ages and abilities play disc golf. The sport offers a terrific low-impact, cardiovascular workout that can test both physical skill and mental determination. Not only that, but disc golf brings the whole family together for an afternoon of laughs and enjoyment together.


The Professional Disc Golf Association encourages you to get out on the course to celebrate National Disc Golf Day. With courses in all 50 states, finding a course near you should be easy. Invite friends tp lay a round or two with you. The PDGA Disc Golf Course Directory is a great resource to locate courses in your area. Use the #NationalDiscGolfDay to share where you plan to play and what your favorite courses are on social media.


PDGA logoThe Professional Disc Golf Association founded National Disc Golf Day to celebrate one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. August is a significant month for the sport of disc golf. The first patent (#4,039,189) was issued on a chain-catching device to “Steady” Ed Headrick on August 12th, 1977, which changed the future of the sport. It is now a standard for course design.

Additionally, on August 2, 1974, disc golfers in the Rochester, NY area decided to make their annual City of Rochester Disc Golf Championship a big national tournament. Their goal was to find out just how many other people around the country were playing disc golf. They called the event the American Flying Disc Open, and to attract the attention of the Frisbee™ community, they put up a brand new 1974 automobile to be awarded to the winner!

The Registrar at National Day Calendar approved the day in July of 2016.

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