National Dentist's Day - March 6
(Last Updated On: November 7, 2022)


National Dentist’s Day on March 6th sets aside a day each year for us to say, “Thank you” to the person who keeps our pearly whites in tip-top order every 6 months. 

In many cases, the day of our dental visit usually has us a bit nervous and sometimes anxious. We would often rather be someplace else than sitting in a dental chair. The dentist is not the person most of us look forward to seeing.  However, when our checkup is done, our teeth are cleaned, the cavities are filled, the broken tooth is fixed, or a toothache is gone, we appreciate what the dentist has done for us.

The dentist is also the person we count on when a tooth aches or an emergency occurs. They make sure our oral health isn’t signifying something more serious. Their offices send out reminders, encouraging us to come in for our routine check-ups and schedule us for appointments. They create plans of care and make our smiles look great, too. 

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalDentistsDay

  • Take some time to thank your dentist.
  • While you’re at it, schedule your next preventative cleaning.
  • Pick up a new toothbrush and some floss, too!
  • Use #NationalDentistsDay to post on social media.


National Day Calendar continues to research the origins of this healthcare observance. 

Dentist FAQ

Q. How many years of education do dentists receive?
A. A dentist will attend four years of undergraduate studies and another four years to earn a DDS degree. Like other doctors, dentists also continue their education throughout their careers.

Q. Do dentists specialize?
A. Yes. Like other types of healthcare, specialization is a common and growing practice. Some of the dental specialties include:

  • Pediatric dentist – specializes in treating children
  • Orthodontist – correct alignment of teeth and jaws
  • Periodontist – treats disease of the gums and bones
  • Endodontist – performs root canals
  • Prosthodontist – restores missing teeth and damaged jaw and facial structure
  • Oral surgeon – performs various surgeries including tooth extractions, reconstructions, biopsies, removes tumors and jaw realignment

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