NATIONAL CRNA WEEK – Last Week in January

National CRNA Week - Last Week in January
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


During the last week of January, National CRNA Week recognizes Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and their commitment to patient safety.

Each year, CRNAs provide more than 49 million services across the country. They work in surgery centers, dental and ophthalmology offices, pain management facilities, and hospitals. Not only do they provide direct care to patients, but they are also an integral part of many medical practices.

Some of the services nurse anesthetists provide include:

  • reviewing patients’ medical histories for allergies or illnesses ensuring safe and effective pain management
  • administering anesthesia during procedures
  • monitoring patients’ vital signs during procedures
  • epidurals, spinal and nerve blocks
  • ensuring patients understand the side effects of anesthesia

The services of a CRNA are invaluable to both the patient and the service providers who rely on them to provide professional services. Additionally, in rural areas, CRNAs become the primary providers of anesthesia care. Their skill and accuracy allow patients to undergo surgery safely, relieve pain, and avoid unnecessary pain.


One way to celebrate the day is by thanking a CRNA. If you’re a CRNA, consider sharing your insights about your career choice with a classroom. Let future CRNAs know why you enjoy your job and what you do every day. Volunteer for a career fair at a high school or university. Employers, let your CRNAs know how much you appreciate them. Use #NationalCRNAWeek to give a shout out to a CRNA you know.


The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists has supported National CRNA Week since 2000 to raise awareness of the work being done by CRNAs across the country.


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