NATIONAL COSTUME SWAP DAY – Second Saturday in October

National Costume Swap Day | Second Saturday in October
(Last Updated On: January 4, 2023)


On the second Saturday in October, National Costume Swap Day encourages pirates, princesses, dragons, and wizards to trade costumes!


No matter whether your costumes are store-bought, homemade, or patched together, stretch your costume collections. Friends, neighbors, offices, and playgroups gather to swap costumes just in time for Halloween. But the day isn’t designed just for trick-or-treaters. Theater groups prepping for the fall drama season also benefit from swapping costumes.

Not only is a costume swap a great way to save money, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to explore ideas for children of all ages. Dress up provides children a chance to use their imagination. Playing a role and pretending explores personality and the imaginary worlds they’ve only read about or seen on TV. When colorful costumes that fit their dreams suddenly appear before them, children’s eyes light up. And parents’ pocketbooks feel relieved.

When it comes to a budding theater troupe, costuming can be an arduous task. Depending on the requirements of the play, dressing the cast can almost be as difficult as dressing the stage. Area theater groups support one another in numerous ways. Costuming is just another way they help out.

Also, both approaches to costume swapping help the environment. Not only is it recycling at its best by reusing costumes, but it also keeps costumes out of landfills.


Swap an old Halloween costume for a different one. Organize a costume swap in your neighborhood, with your daycare or extended family. 

Be sure to use #NationalCostumeSwapDay to post on social media.


In 2010, created Costume Swap Day to promote an economical and environmentally friendly way to dress for Halloween. 

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Costume Swap FAQ

Q. Should I clean my costumes before putting them in a swap?
A. Yes. No one wants to get a muddy, dusty, or messy costume.

Q. Do costume swaps include adult-size costumes?
A. They sure can include adult-size costumes. Grownups like to dress up on Halloween or for masquerade balls, too!

Q. What are some other ways to use old costumes?
A. Once a costume is used, they seem to just take up space. You may be able to donate old costumes to a local theatre troupe. Another way to use old costumes is by creating a dress-up trunk. Children love to dress up and use their imaginations. You can also donate them to a thrift shop or try to sell them at a consignment shop.

Q. Is it ok to wear the same costume year after year?
A. If the costume fits, why not wear it a few years in a row?

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