National Cookbook Month - October
(Last Updated On: November 10, 2022)


National Cookbook Month is an annual designation observed in October. Most things in our world have moved to a digital-based format, including the recipes we use to cook. Nowadays, we usually use Pinterest, or the notes on our phone for reference when we’re cooking. This month, we challenge you to do it the old school route. Grab your favorite cookbook, dust it off, and make some fun, new recipes this month!

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalCookbookMonth

Pull out a cookbook and try out a new recipe. Use #NationalCookbookMonth to post on social media. The fun thing about cookbooks is they usually have some kind of theme. If you can pin down a certain kind of food or sweet treat you’re craving, I can almost guarantee you can find a cookbook that’s got a ton of options for you. Are you in the mood for Italian? There’s a cookbook (or 100) for you. Or are you craving pizza, but you can’t decide what kind? Pull out a pizza cookbook and you’ll have all the options you’ll need right at your fingertips. Another unique thing about cookbooks is they can open the door to a new culture, new recipe, or even some cultural traditions that go along with the meal you’re preparing. So this month, we challenge you to cook using a cookbook as much as possible, rather than using your smartphone to pull up recipes from the internet. I think you’ll have fun with it. 

Using a cookbook means you’re cooking from home more than you’re going out to eat, or grabbing some fast food on the go. This promotes a much more healthy lifestyle, because cooking your own meals means less preservatives, usually less sugar, and less saturated fat than if you order from a restaurant. Grab a few of your favorite cookbooks and enjoy the process!


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