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National Coffee with a Cop Day - First Wednesday in October


On the first Wednesday in October, National Coffee with a Cop Day brings men and women in uniform together with their communities to connect over a cup of joe.

Inspired by the cliche about officers and their coffee shop donuts, National Coffee with a Cop Day encourages communities to sponsor an event that will bring citizens and those on patrol together. The opportunity for open dialogue, break down barriers and improve communication creates a valuable bridge to relationships in our communities.


While many cities and towns across the country hold Coffee with a Cop events throughout the year, the first Wednesday in October is National Coffee with a Cop Day. Plan one now and several later in the year! Use #CoffeeWithACopDay in your sharing on social media.


In 2016, the first National Coffee with a Cop Day took place across the nation. The idea was launched by the members of the Hawthorne Police Department in Hawthorne, California in 2011. They sought ways to interact with their community every day more successfully. As a result, they established a Coffee with a Cop events to do just that. Throughout the year they make meaningful connections, and the idea has spread across the country to all 50 states!

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