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On November 10 we celebrate National Civic Pride Day and inspire everyone to promote the dynamic communities they live in.


Civic pride belongs to the people who are at the heart of the city they live in. It brings communities together and encourages everyone to feel a sense of pride by creating and maintaining a healthy city or town. Today, we want to inspire everyone to get involved in their community and show support by improving the place you live and work.

Why is civic pride important? The importance of civic pride means every community member feels a sense of pride for where they live. The people who live in a community are the same people who help their hometowns become better places to live. Businesses, schools, public service agencies, and community members all contribute to the efforts of making their community thrive. These contribution efforts are called civic pride.

How can I support civic pride? Supporting civic pride is easy to do. In fact, most people participate in civic pride and don’t realize it. Participating in civic pride is essential for any community member. It builds trust between members in the community and in office, keeps dialog open about key issues, and creates better relationships between all residents. Civic pride:

  • Enables citizens to influence local laws and policies that effect their community.
  • Helps promote and learn local values of businesses and residents.
  • Supports economic growth.
  • Encourages people who are overlooked or underheard to become a part of solutions and ideas.

Community Engagement

Engagement or participating in civic pride is when any member or groups of members engage in public concerns, issues, or activities. When community members work together to protect the public interests and improve the standard of living within their community, the values of civic pride are taking place. Addressing and promoting concerns and ideas increases the quality of life for every member of a community.

Support for civic pride is needed in every city and town to encourage fair democracy. The importance of having  representation for all demographic backgrounds is essential. Oftentimes, minority groups feel underrepresented in communities because many are unaware of the benefits of civil engagement. Good civic engagement encourages everyone in their community to become a part of civic pride. It also means providing opportunities in neighborhoods to engage in civic pride.

Symbolism of Civic Pride

Many towns and cities across the world have their own symbol of civic pride. Normally, the symbolism is in the form of a landmark, such as a statue, monument or special marker. In fact, you can find most of these items in the middle of the town, such as a center or town square.

The United States has amazing places to visit and explore. You can find the real meaning behind civic pride when you realize how communities work together to provide visitors an unforgettable experience.

Extraordinary Civic Pride Destinations

  • Griffith Observatory – California
  • Cliff Palace – Colorado
  • Amana Colonies – Iowa
  • Cabildo – Louisiana
  • Faneuil Hall- Massachusetts
  • September 11 Memorial and Museum – New York
  • Chaco Culture National Historical Park – New Mexico
  • Fort Union Trading Post – North Dakota
  • Fort Sumter – South Carolina
  • The Alamo – Texas
  • United States Capital – Washington, DC


  • Volunteer for an organization in your community.
  • Attend fundraisers that raise money for community projects.
  • Start a community garden to encourage community engagement.
  • Participate in regular clean-up weeks to keep your city looking nice.
  • Work with the local tourist agency to encourage visitors to your city.
  • Provide information about ways to get involved in organizations.
  • Share your story and photos of civic pride engagement and post on social media using #NationalCivicPrideDay


Explore Houma and National Day Calendar announce the newly founded National Civic Pride Day to be celebrated each year on November 10. The idea to create the day started with Explore Houma’s efforts to revitalize their downtown. They promote a strong belief for residents to have pride in their hometown and encourage everyone to participate and value to their city. 

A Look Back

Civic pride has been around for a very long time. In fact, people around the world have always participated in ways to make their communities better. For Americans, the war of 1812 played a pivotal roll in how our country would unite as one and step away from the identification of single states or territories.

During the war of 1812, people were identifying with the colony they lived in. For example, people from Maryland were Marylanders, while people from Virginia were Virginians. Whether you were fighting for the British or fighting for the Americans, the split between people who all lived in the United States began thinking about one group of people as Americans. In addition, the creation of the American flag during this time also became a prominent symbol uniting all people in the nation.

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