(Last Updated On: November 23, 2022)


National Chiropractic Health Month is an annual designation observed in October. Every year during this time, chiropractors around the U.S. celebrate by helping their patients get active and get into a lifestyle that allows them to stay mobile. (Well, they do this every month of the year, but this is the month they get some extra recognition for the amazing work they do.)

Chiropractors use hands-on methods of treatment for hundreds of different ailments and conditions. Their work is based around keeping everything in your body aligned, especially your spine. We often sit with bad posture, sometimes sleep in beds that aren’t good for us, and we often allow stress to make a bigger impact on our physical health than it should. This is where chiropractors come in. They use their hands to adjust us, make sure everything is where it belongs, and usually you’ll feel better shortly after leaving their office. Chiropractic treatment primarily relieves back, muscle, joint, bone, and tendon pain.


Make an appointment with your chiropractor and use #ChiropracticHealthMonth to post on social media. Chances are, you’ll leave your appointment feeling de-stressed, relaxed, and just all around more comfortable. One great thing about chiropractors is they can help you not only physically, but mentally as well. As we all know, life gets busy and stressful, which can be a catalyst leading to many other things like anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, and aches and pains. When this happens, it’s easy to forget that a chiropractor – someone that works on your physical self – can help in all of these areas as well. There are a few ways chiropractors can help relieve stress:

  1. Their work reduces muscle tension.
  2. They can restore function to your whole body by simply adjusting your spine. You’d be surprised at the toll that can take on your mood.
  3. They will educate you about how to ease these aches and pains yourself in your own home.
  4. They’ll offer you relaxation tips and other ways for you to avoid putting so much stress on your muscles and joints.

In our research, we were unable to find the creator of National Chiropractic Health Month.

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