NATIONAL CHILI DOG DAY - Last Thursday in July

NATIONAL CHILI DOG DAY – Last Thursday in July


On the last Thursday in July, hot dog lovers across the United States start topping their hot dogs with delicious chili to celebrate National Chili Dog Day. 

Wrapping up National Hot Dog Month, the chili dog brings the heat. Add onions, cheese, or chili sauce for more variety. With a hot dog, the condiments are endless.

Also known as a coney dog or chili con carne, the first person to make a chili dog probably tried it around the turn of the 20th century. Even then it was likely a meat and tomato sauce, not the full-on firehouse chili we know today.

Even now, the chili dog gains gourmet status depending on where you go. Add the best ingredients, all-beef franks, and pretzel bun, too. Experiment with the sausage seasonings or the type of chili. For example, switch to a flavorful brat seasoned with chipotle and top it with buffalo chili. Let your imagination go wild. Of course, a traditional chili dog is always an option, too.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalChiliDogDay

Chili dogs are a meal all on their own. Grab one at the ballpark or set up a chili dog bar. Invite friends and family to create colossal and delicious chili dogs with all their favorite toppings. Host a chili cookoff and supply the franks, buns, and special toppings for the judges to add to their chili dog. Crown the winner with bragging rights! Following are some chili dog recipes for you to enjoy:

Post on social media using #NationalChiliDogDay and encourage others to join the celebration.


We were unable to identify the origin of National Chili Dog Day.

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