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National Cherry Month - February


Since the cherry trees come to life in February, it’s the perfect time for National Cherry Month! Throughout Washington D.C., the cherry blossoms burst to life just in time for the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

This annual event began in 1912. The people of Japan sent 3,000 cherry trees as a gift to the United States as a symbol of friendship between two nations. A single cherry looks a bit like a little heart, and February is the month of love. Since Presidents Day is February and one particular president is paired with chopping down a cherry tree – folklore or not – February and cherries just go together.


Add some cherries to your shopping list. You can mix them into your breakfast or snacks. They’re good for you and packed full of antioxidants, too!

While you’re making your list, visit the National Day Calendar recipe page for cherry inspiration! Use #NationalCherryMonth to share on social media.


Michigan Governor William G. Milliken first proclaimed February as National Cherry Month

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