NATIONAL CHEMISTRY WEEK – Week of October 23rd

National Chemistry Week - Week of October 23rd
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


National Chemistry Week during October 23rd invites scientist, educators, and enthusiasts for seven days of events.

During National Mole Day on October 23, National Chemistry Week encourages us to immerse ourselves in activities and educational programs all related to chemistry.  This branch of science focuses on the properties and interactions of matter and energy. Every day, chemistry creates reactions all around us. Whenever we boil an egg, chemistry happens. Expose iron to the elements and a chemical reaction will begin. In fact, the lunch you’re digesting begins a series of chemical reactions.

As humans began to investigate the various types of reactions, the science expanded. Their studies led to inventions or other developments in science. For example, we pasteurize many foods today thanks to Louis Pasteur’s discovery in 1864. After heating wine and beer, he found they took longer to spoil. As a result, the process we call pasteurization saves lives.

Chemistry travels from depths of the ocean and the far reaches of space. From Isaac Newton to Robert Bunsen and well beyond, science has been driven by the curiosity of those who have been seeking answers through chemistry. Without chemistry, there would be no baking soda volcanos, penicillin or caramel popcorn. Where would we be without chemistry?


Visit to locate an event near you. Volunteer to lead chemistry event at your school.  Share using #NationalChemistryWeek on social media.

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The Association of Chemical Society Office of Science Outreach administers National Science Week to promote awareness of chemistry through events in communities.

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