National Cheese Fondue Day | April 11
(Last Updated On: April 6, 2023)


Observed annually on April 11th, National Cheese Fondue Day recognizes a food holiday many enjoy. Fondue is a dish of melted cheese or other ingredients, served in a communal pot (caquelon) over a small portable stove (réchaud).  Participants then dip the bread into the cheese using long-stemmed forks. Cheese fondue consists of a blend of cheeses, wine, and seasoning.


A 1966 book published in Zurich, under the name “Kass mit Wein zu kochen” is known for having the earliest known cheese fondue recipe. It calls for grated or cut up cheese melted with wine and for the bread dipped into it.

The first known recipe with cheese and wine was published under the name “Cheese Fondue” in 1875.

Cornstarch may be the reason the Swiss became so fond of fondue. In 1905, the thickener was introduced to the land of Switzerland. As many may know, cornstarch thickens liquid and makes smooth and creamy gravies. It also creates a smooth and stable emulsion of the wine and cheese.


  • Whip up a cheese fondue.
  • Invite friends and family (near and far) to join you with their own versions.
  • Host an online celebration and catch up with friends.
  • Discover how they celebrate with cheese fondue and make a toast to good times.
  • Share recipes, and if you don’t have one, we found a recipe for you to try.
  • Enjoy this delicious Creamy Cheese Fondue recipe.
  • Use #NationalCheeseFondueDay to post on social media.


National Day Calendar continues researching the origins of this dairy food holiday. 

Fondue FAQ

Q. Besides cheese, what other ingredients can be used as a fondue base?
A. While cheese fondue is quite popular, several other kinds of fondue add a savory (and sweet) twist to the subject. Try these:

  • Oil – Seasoned oil is heated in the fondue pot. Dip meats, breads, and vegetables.
  • Tomato – Seasoned tomato sauces serve as a base for delicious dipping.
  • Chocolate – Indulge in a creamy, chocolate treat by dipping fruit, sweet cheeses, and pastries into melted milk chocolate.

Q. Q. What are the etiquette guidelines for cheese fondue?
A. Since the fork you are using will be dipped in the shared pot many times, one of the most important rules is to never touch your mouth or lips to the fork. Use your dinner fork to remove the morsel to your plate.

April 11th Celebrated History


United States Navy acquired its first modern commissioned submarine. Designed by Irish-American inventor John Phillip Holland in 1896, the cost to the U.S. Navy was $160,000.


First baseman Jackie Robinson signs a contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers one day after the team purchased his contract from the Montreal Royals of the International League. Later the same day, Robinson plays an exhibition game against the New York Yankees, driving in three runs. Dodgers win 14-6.


Apollo 13 launches from the Kennedy Space Center in Brevard County, Florida. The crew included astronauts James Lovel, John Swigert, and Fred W. Haise.


Cher wins the Best Actress Academy Award for her role in Moonstruck.

April 11th Celebrated Birthday

Percy L Julian – 1899

The American chemist developed products from soybeans including synthetic hormones and cortisone for pain relief.

Dalia Messick – 1906

The American cartoonist created the comic strip Brenda Starr, Reporter in 1940. She wrote under the pen name, Dale Messick.

Jane Bolin – 1908

In 1931, Jane Bolin became the first Black woman to graduate from Yale Law School. The following year she passed the New York state bar exam. She would once again be a woman of firsts when in 1939, Mayor Fiorello La Guardia swore her in as judge of the Domestic Relations Court in New York City, making her the first African American female judge in the United States.

Ellen Goodman – 1941

The award-winning journalist and syndicated columnist has also published several books. In 1980, she won a Pulitzer Prize for her work.

Bill Thomass Irwin – 1950

The Tony-winning American comedian and actor gained popularity in the 1970s for his clowning talents. He’s also known on Sesame Street as Mr. Noodle. Other television credits include Legion and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

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